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My replacment

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by ayoung, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. While on my SV I had a bingle with a 121metro, two weeks after I picked up my new ride.

    CBR1000RR 2004 had 10k on the clock when I bought it, two weeks in it has 12k.

    It's a great bike!



  2. nice bike - nice shots
  3. Great looking bike!
  4. Looks Weapontastic
  5. Well done mate...nice bike !
    Identical to my brother's track bike (bar the mirrors/lighting/electrics). He loves it.
    Enjoy mate and safe, happy adventures (y)
  6. thats so sexy
  7. I prefer the 05... but that looks imaculate!
  8. Being a 1krr owner myself.. love it! Nice looking bike. ;)
  9. nice pics and bike :)
  10. that's hot!

    is your front wheel on backwards???
  11. Noice. I loik it.

    Try this.
    I note with interest that you've been exchanging words with a bloke called svengalie, with whom I have been swapping insults over the last few weeks ... small world - huh?
  12. I think what he means, is your front tyre on back to front. The tyre tread pattern appears to be facing in the wrong direction.

    Nice bike btw!
  13. The front tread pattern does mirror that which is on the rear tyre but it is fitted to spin the right direction, thanks for the comments guys, and thanks for the pickup, I quickly ran downstairs and checked, but all is good.

    and kneedragon nice gloves, where do you mount your camera? chin?
    I have mounted on the tank previously and on the top of helmet, but i don't really like it there, and the tank mount is a bit pointless with a tinted visor.