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My regression

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by port80, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Seeing as the Melbourne weather was so nice today I decided it would be a great time to drag out the MTB. It has been some months since I have been on the tredly, infact not since I have had my motorbike license. I thought I would be able to just jump on and ride away as I used to, I was mistaken.

    Firstly I dressed up in all my gear (Netti all-weather jacket, Fox shy-boys, Shimano shoes etc etc). The first thing that went through my mind was how uncomfortablt it all was (this isn't cheap gear) and how I'd prefer to be wearing my DriRider kit. Then I did the brake test and jumped aboard. OWWww, crap, who swapped my seat for this broom pole!

    The bars were too narrow, the grips were too thin, the pedals were too far forwards, etc etc. Despite all of this I wobbled out of the garage, yes I said 'wobbled', the steering felt far too light and the rear brake did nothing to stabilise the bike at low speed, not to mention I was an extra 10ft higher in the saddle compared to the Honda.

    Once I gathered some speed I clipped into the cleats and rode off. The rain was coming down pretty heavily and into my eyes, so I went to drop the visor down. But there was no visor to drop down.

    Best efforts of non indicating trucks and sidways V8's thwarted I managed to make it to my destination. I went to lock the bike up to a pole, but the stopid bloody thing wouldn't stand still while I got the lock around the pole. Some minutes later and very very wet I went into the plaza to get what I needed.

    Despite all of the fun I had in the mud (oh yes there was plenty of mud and lots of it came into the shops with me) the whole thing left me wishing I took the motorbike. With great regret I feel I have to resign myself to the fact that I am now converted. I am now a motorcyclist.
  2. I drove to the plaza, left dry, arrived dry, got home dry.

    Ya shoulda called :p
  3. Great yarn, mate, well told, a candidate for a short article in the newsletter, I'd say.
  4. Of which we've had ZERO submissions :(
  5. port80, I know exactly what you've gone through. Before i got my bike(9 months ago) i was pretty keen on the cycling thing. Was riding to and from uni and also for fun. Yes i considered it fun once. Probably lookin at 100 to 150 k a week.
    In the time since i got my bike, i've ridden the "pushy" once. On that ride I: nearlly crashed several times because the steering was so twitchy; Had an annoying habit of looking at my handle bars to see what was behind me; and felt the desire to ride in the middle of the road at times.
    So I gotta say port80, i've been converted too. Seems all i've got now is a very expensive clothes airer.
  6. Thanks Hornet, indeed if people feel it's of high enough quality please include it.
  7. :LOL: :LOL: Yes, I forgot to include that. I looked several times at my handles bars as I could hear a car coming.
  8. You've gotten soft mate!! :LOL: (Says Mark who didn't even leave the house Sunday cause it was cold and wet)

    I betcha a couple of years ago you wouldn't have even noticed it was raining. :)

    Anyho, if you ever want to go for a pedal on the weekend, send us a PM as I have signed up for around the bay in a day and I need at least 1500 kays in my legs by October the 15 th.

    I only have the MTB hooked up with road tires at the moment, but I will also be sorting my road bike out soon.

    Take it easy, Mark.
  9. Sadly that descript is all too accurate *looks down at flabby stomach*.

    Are you kidding? I would have been waiting for the rain... mud is hard to find in the dry :p

    I might put on my medium road/track tyres as the current 2" farmer john's have a fair rolling resistance (and I'm unfit).