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My Rant

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yamakazi, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Without being too descript I was making enquiries with O.E.M. reps here for an upper fairing (around the lights, bars ect.) for a particular japanese motorcycle which may or may not be in my profile. In any regard I suspect things are typical here with most manufacturers rather than being brand specific. The price quoted for this small fairing?...$927.00 I guess sensing my disgust the salesman added but that comes painted and stickered. Big deal, 1 small sticker and some paint. Finding that hard to believe (or swallow) I had a friend call his local O.E.M. rep. He was able to get this special one only price of $800 and was told it was the last one in the country. I went to the U.S. eBay site and got one (New & Genuine, Painted & stickered) for $230 USD as a buy it now price. Even with a hefty UPS parcel post price added have saved between $450 and $575 on this one item alone and it's delivered to my door. What could possibly justify such an increase in price within our domestic market???? I would ordinarily prefer to patronize local buisness but this is clearly wrong. Out of principal alone I will probably never deal with the local / national reps again. So tell me...am I bent out of shape over a solitary incident or is this example typical?

  2. next time point out that you have been given x price in us and that you would prefer to buy locally but you cant justify spending the extra hundreds, the local shop here knocked $700 off a set of pipes for their bike and $300 off a power commander
  3. This is typical, we have a population of about 20 Mill, compared to about 300 Mill in the US. The riding population here would be an even smaller ratio, so when OEM's ship things here it is a few boxes, whereas in the US and Euro markets they ship by the container load.

    I think they also know that these things are not so readily available in Oz on the S/H market, leaving many with little choice but to buy new.

    The $AUD is strong at present so that is helping you alot, I remember back in 2000 when the $AUD was only 50c US, the cost of items I was looking at buying from the US coupled with shipping paid for in $US made local although expensive, almost on par with prices in the US. The other consideration was shipping time, locally was maybe immediately available, whereas importing items could take weeks.
  4. The exact same thing happens with Scuba Diving equipment. You can buy things for about half price by getting them in the US and having USPS deliver it. What the manufacturers did to stop this happening was if it was purchased outside of your coutnry of origin, there was no warranty on the part.
  5. Hi all,

    I too needed an OEM muffler for a ZRX1200 last year...wait for it $1970 :eek: yes...just one muffler. Was actively discouraged from shopping around by the rep, he stated 'can't get them anywhere else' 'only one in the country' 'cheapest you will find'

    Brand new off ebay... posted etc $780...I don't care if it had a warranty or not, i can nearly buy three of them for the same price as the one here.

    Probably took less time for the one from the US than for the muffler to come from the reps warehouse domestically too.

  6. Nice score, but i am curious, how in the hell could a muffler "break down" ??? and thus require a warranty.

    Pricks they are.

    Donkey, Live Aus Berlin.
  7. Say if it was a bad once off product, then you couldn't return it, or say the welds broke, etc.