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My Race Video's

Discussion in 'Video Logging' at netrider.net.au started by Colonel Coleman, Sep 28, 2016.

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    Thought I would start a thread to share my racing video's. I will go back to the beginning and it should show a progression in my riding. I won't post every race, just one's I think have something interesting with some comments to go with it.

    Quality is OK. I only use cheap $50 camera from Target, but they are HD. I have plans for mount upgrades, teaching myself editing and movie making and of course, camera upgrades as time goes on.

    I will start not with a race, instead I will give you an idea of what it is like to do a qualifying session in traffic. This is from 2 weeks ago qualifying in Formula 4. I placed 11th on the grid (highest to date) and a PB qualifying time of 1:33.817 which is only 7 tenths off my Lap PB. To give some perspective, this is done on a 26 year old VFR400, it is quicker than 48 of the 70 people who did the track day beforehand mostly on 600+cc bikes, and, is quicker than the last place runner in the Supersport Race at this years ASBK.

    You might think I'm bragging, but I'm actually slow. The 400cc lap record just got reduced to 1:24.9's and the best 250cc riders do 1:26's. (That's not 2 stroke either)

    I generally start of my first lap pretty slow, then wind it up from there. My mate who I share a pit with can be seen picking up his bike after a low side at Turn 6 on the last lap and my in lap. We got him all fixed and out for racing.

    Lap times
    Outlap untimed
    Inlap Untimed


    I know this is in Videologging and it"s not really what it is. Although, I have thought of trying to video log an actual race
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  2. good stuff Colonel ColemanColonel Coleman thanks for posting that up! subbed to your YT channel.
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  3. Ok, here is another one, though it is not onboard me but another racer simidausimidau. My video from the race is not as clear so Simons shows how wet it was. I catch, pass and check out pretty quickly in the first video and the second is onboard my bike in the same race.

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