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My R1

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  1. akaluke submitted a new showcase item:

    My R1

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  2. Very nice ride mate.. I've never seen the R1 in white (in the 3d world I mean) .. they're usually matt black
  3. thanks. I've got a thing for white bikes!
  4. That is an awesome bike man, how does she ride?
  5. What wheels do you have, did you do the pin stripe?
  6. Rides really well as far as I can tell :) it's the only big bike I've ridden though!

    It's got a bit if low down torque courtesy of the Big Bang engine so I'm told. It'll pull ok from 4000rpm so I can pretty ride around in whatever gear I like. Or I can do all day in 1st. It doesn't like going slow.

    The wheels and wheel stripes were on it when I bought it.

    I added pazzo levers, tinted screen, sato rear sets and rizoma reservoirs. Oh and I removed the pillion pegs.
  7. Yeah man, looks very nice. They are a tidy bike, but I cant remember the last time I saw one that tidy, nice one.
    Have you taken it to the track?
  8. Not that one but I took my previous 09 R1 to Phillip Island a few times and it was incredible. Heaps scary going down the main straight for the first time. Had no trouble getting to the edge of tyres and I'm a bit of a pussy. Even left some rubber coming out of Siberia and didn't know till I was told later.
  9. Nice one dude.
    I have had a project myself, still going almost finished, bought a 2005 CBR1000RR, lots done to it, I posted it under the projects forum.
    I'm new to this so I don't know how to direct you.
  10. Nice bike mate!
  11. Ok where's the report button? White R1 = pornography...:)
  12. That's a nice, clean, good looking bike!
  13. Very very nice.... went to the 2015 R1 launch at Yamaha Australia in BrisVegas last night.