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My R1 (Buyer beware)

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by lambros, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I realise this post is going to be different to what is usually posted in this section (mod's feel free to move to appropriate section). Also, sorry in advance for the huge slab of text, just need to get this off my chest:

    So I'm sitting at home one day browsing the various classifieds sites, keeping an eye out for my next bike. The girlfriend has just purchased herself an R1 and feeling slightly jealous I knew it was time I moved on from the rgv I've been riding for the past four years. My eye falls upon an R1, the same year and colour (yes, cute) that we had just purchased. The price was pretty decent so we made the call and went around to have a look.

    Now I'm not the most mechanically minded person, but I'd like to think I've picked up a few things from owning a two-stroke for the last few years. Upon first inspection the bike looked great. Sure it had a couple of small cracks in the front fairing, but overall it was in very tidy condition. Having a quick look around the bike, it seemed like a very well looked after machine. While starting her up, the sound from the Akrapovic exhaust got me excited about the bike. Noting the VIN number, we head home and get a VSR check, which came up all clear. At this point we're very interested and agree to come back the next day for a test ride.

    As usual, as I set out onto the road, it starts raining. My main thoughts are about taking it easy on someone else's litre bike, especially as the road is greasing up from the light rain. The rumble of the engine sounds awesome as I pull out of the driveway. I think to myself that I should try to be objective while on the ride. I tried a few things to test the bike out: braking fairly heavily, riding without holding onto the bars to check it went straight, checking all controls worked properly, and so on. Returning back, all seemed fine to me, apart from a slight leak from the left fork, no biggie. I was pretty much in love.

    So after agreeing on a price and we purchase the bike. We take it home, where it stays for the next week or two. In that time I clocked up a few km's on the girlfriend's R1, and got a feel for how they ride. It's after this that I realise something might not be right. While riding my bike to the mechanic, the front felt a little unstable. I don't think much of it, and just put it down to the suspension not being set up properly or something.

    The next day the mechanic calls and the honeymoon period is over. The front end is loose due to a bent frame. He also tells me the frame's been resprayed. I was suprised, because while inspecting the bike I specifically looked at the frame and the finish of it, and it all seemed stock to me (apart from the strange alpinestars sticker on the frame). I tried calling the seller to discuss the matter, but he's unreachable. The only option to get in contact is to turn up at his parent's house (where he sold the bike from), which I don't really want to do. The mechanic has a frame specialist coming down to have a look at it, so now we play the waiting game.

    From every experience comes a lesson. Some things I have learned:

    - unless you know what you're doing, get the bike checked out by a mechanic!

    - a clean VSR doesn't mean it hasn't been crashed and repaired (possibly dodgily) outside of insurance.

    - there's probably a reason why someone's had a bike sitting in their garage unregistered for a while.

    On the positive side, here are some pics:

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  2. That's an expensive exercise. Do you have any legal comeback against the seller?
  3. Bugger! Very disappointing but hopefully there's some form of recourse and all ends well for you.
  4. As it's a private sale I don't believe there is any buyer/consumer protection. I'd say it's a different story if buying from a licensed dealer.
  5. I'd go round his Parents place hey. Just explain the situation, and see if they can talk some sense in to their son. Seriously man, this dude sold you a dud without being honest about it, and potentially put your life in danger as a result. No harm in trying at least...
  6. Have been in a similar situation as yours.
    But instead of whinging on Netrider about it I returned to the sellers house the very day I was notified that it was a lemon. And in no uncertain terms told him what i though of the situation and demanded an immediate refund as it should be within my legal right. This was within a few days of owning the bike.

    Interestingly my mechanic friend had a frame-testing machine, nice piece of kit btw. It is internet enabled, and once a frame is scanned and comparison data to the OEM tolerances are exceeded, the bike is automatically written off, at least here in QLD that's the case. I used this piece of information to my advantage, not only would the bike be written off but he would still have to refund the amount. Needless to say I got my money back.
    The bike was back up for sale on BS, for about 4 weeks. Sold to some other poor schmuck. ](*,)

    So please OP, do me a big favor: got back there and kick some arse.
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  7. Yeah I have thought about going back. Seeing as the bike is at the mechanic I'm waiting for the final word from the frame guy. Depending on the cost of repair it might still be viable for me to keep it, so I'm holding off until then.
  8. You might have a chance in court but most likely it would cost you more in legal fees
    Sorry to hear about this , good luck
  9. you should take him to court or offload it too someone else asap. thats what i did when i bought a lemon of a 89' Honda Prelude.
  10. I'd ghostie it into his garage whilst it's on fire...
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  11. What a ******** for being dishonest... At least you're learning from it though.
  12. yeah that's what I was thinking, it's really not worth it though

    Offloading it would probably be the easiest thing to do, but I just couldn't do that to someone. The idea that someone could possibly kill themselves on it (without them realising the underlying issues) is too much to handle.

    i loled

    yeah, I'm taking the whole thing as a learning experience!
  13. good luck.. it looks brand new as you said... i would go back around his house and suss him out...
  14. Is your insurance paid up?
  15. I think I see where you're going. It's not insured at the moment because it's not registered. I assume most insurance companies won't insure an unregistered bike?
  16. Preexisting damage is one of the first questions that insurers ask.
  17. Yeah cool, own up about the non visible damage to the insurance company for sure. :-s
  18. Don't bikes in Vic have to be sold with a roadworthy?
  19. Only if you buy them registered otherwise you can buy it unregistered and unplated and get a rwc for roadworthiness later

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  20. Yeah but they can tell afterwards. You have a slow speed drop and they deny it because of the frame damage.

    Might as well just go wih no insurance, then use the premiums to pay for damage.