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My public shaming

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Pink500, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. On saturday I borrowed Pete's bike to go for a short ride. Everything went well, untill was approaching my driveway, but that's when things started to go downhill.
    There was a young couple on the footpath about to cross in front of me. They stopped to let me pass (or so I thought) and I kept moving. Then the lady walked out in front of me, I stopped hard and lost my balance. I held the bike up as much as I could and layed it down as gently as possible. The man rushed over, apologising, and helped me pick it up.
    I rode down the driveway and inspected the damage. All I could see were a few scratches, which could've been old, and a graze on the Oggy Knob (thank Jebus for Oggy Knobs!)
    I decided not to tell Pete-- he already gives me enough crap about crashing my own bike, and he probably won't even notice the ever-so-minor damage anyway...

    ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) STUPID!!! ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

    7:30am monday.. I hear various expletives through my bedroom window. It turns out there's a little more damage than I had earlier anticipated.
    -The indicators are scratched
    -The bar end is scratched
    -The mirror is bent
    -The back guard is cracked

    Understandably, Pete is quite upset with me over this whole fiasco, so he has asked me to post this to tell you all what I've done..

    ..please be gentle!..
  2. haha.



    that is all
  3. You dropped his bike and didnt tell him.. Shame on you.. :evil:

    There was that gentle enough.. :grin:
  4. I kill you.
  5. please don't..

    I feel really bad.
  6. awwwww, c'mere, giz a cuddle, you'll be ok :grin:
  7. You should feel bad!

    I think you owe your mate big time.

    Take him out to the [​IMG] and cough up some biccies for the repairs.

    You're lucky he hasn't gotten all [​IMG] on your arse.
  8. offtopic

    "How do you spell your name?



    back to normal shaming

  9. He's my hubby.....

    My money is his money..
  10. pfft, im sure there is a satisfactory way to make amends then :eek:
  11. I feel for you...

    It's very tough when you have an accident and have to face a potentially angry "lender" of a vehicle that is not quite as good as when you got it.

    If this is the worst part of the punishment you have got off (deservedly) lightly.

    If it makes you feel better, apart from any motorcycling we do my wife has a beautiful small convertible which she occasionally drives over 8" parking centre median strips at speed, backs into other parked cars, even a moving car, and just forgets where she is and what she is doing, sometimes.

    I have been very bad, getting really angry with her for her carelessness. I know it's not right, and I have resolved to change my ways. So when I drove up a kerb on Sunday where I expected the shopping centre driveway to be (it wasn't) she just smirked. That really hurt.

    BTW, the funniest thing I have ever witnessed was two ladies backing out of their respective car spaces simultaneously, and backing into each other! Neither was looking at what they were doing - it was unbelievable. They weren't even directly opposite each other, but both applied a beautiful amount of reverse, opposite lock to complete the collision. Ummm, one of them was my wife (in my car, I was passenger.)

    I hope you feel a little better. I hope Pete becomes a little more understanding, and accepting of your mistakes. That also makes it easier (maybe) to 'fess up.


    Trevor G
  12. i stacked hubbys bike once, but he was watching me and there was no getting out of it. he couldnt decide if he was more worried about me or the bike, you could see the mixed emotions on his face. in the end, he was more worried about me. needless to say, he banned me then. after a couple of years, i got my own bike.
  13. my wife rides mine, but she's been riding two wheels since she was 4....damn farm kids :mad:
    no bloody licence though :?
  14. Oh, yeah.. I forgot to mention that I am banned.
  15. If my wife wanted to keep secrets like dropping my/our bike, the above probably wouldn't be true for very long. It would probably break the trust and honesty that's all important.
  16. Good. That's the best way. You should never let anyone ride your bike, they can buy their bluddie own, I reckon.
  17. It's times like this when the height of the bike and the seat, that the experts love to tell newbies 'don't matter when you're riding', suddenly starts to matter very much!