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My Project is Coming to an end......YIPPEEEEEE!!!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by tmg, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Well, my CB750 is almost finished. Two things left to do now 1) compliance plate and 2) the rear shocks.

    Got the plastics and tank back from the paintshop the other day, and farout it looks glorious now!

    *EDIT* new links to pics. enjoy


    came out really well dont you think? :grin:
  2. need to be a member of that forum to see pics :roll:
  3. new pics are up. sorry about the stuff up.
  4. Go the oldies! Still thinking about buying another Z650........

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. hehe, thanks typhoon. it's taken a bit, but I am so stoked about it. and soon it's gonna be on the road, that's gonna be the best part about the whole project :grin:
  6. Congrats great job

    You going to post a step by step and costings for anyone else interested in doing something similar?

    Enjoy - nothing like breathing life back into something

    What year model is that?

    And why do you need a compliance plate? Was the old one removed? Wouldn't that mean engineering tests??
  7. it has both engine and frame numbers/plates, but they're different, as I had my dads CB frame powdercoated, and bought a whole other CB whos frame was in bad nick, and made one good bike out of the two.

    is it possible to get it registered with different chassis/engine numbers?
  8. I just got a Blue Slip done for interstate rego transfer. I guessed that is why they charge extra ($32) - all I could see differently to a pink slip was that he checked the engine and frame/VIN numbers to the rego papers

    I think you gotta call RTA as I'll guess you'll have to get it checked over by them.
  9. ok. I will try and do that ASAP :)
  10. You'll need to do a blue slip for rego anyway, so you will have to show a bill of sale for teh frame, and a bill of sale for teh engine. The numbers get recorded as that bike and you are golden.
    Well, that's how it's supposed to work, they just recorded the numbers off the Z and didn't bother with sighting bills of sale.
    Anyway, it's not a big deal.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. I didn't get a reciept off my dad as I bought his old CB for 100 bucks, but I did get a reciept/bill of sale off the guy I bought the functioning CB off of, and it has the engine and chassis numbers on the reciept.

    I will ask the RTA what is needed to get it all legitimised, and hopefully I can get it roadworthied soon.
  12. Lucky bugger - I've just started mine !

    a month ago ....

    Weekend just gone...

    I love your choice of colour !
    Personally, I'm going for Gloss black and Burn orage flames :cool:

    Good luck !
  13. I wouldn't mind painting my engine block and sanding back the edges of the fins like you have Kazjim, looking good so far! keep going!

    I think Black with flames would be very eunique, you would get heaps of looks man.

    another colour I was thinking of was a really burnt orange colour, or just today, a nice bright metallic yellow...that'd be something! wouldn't miss me then :LOL:

    But nah, I love my CB more than ever now. I've learnt heaps, especially with doing the loom myself (remember to label the wires!!!), and learnt to read electrical diagrams and how to use a multimetre to test it all.

    All up mine's taken about 3 months so far, and I was being laxidasical about it really. I wanted it done by the end of february really, but it's not too far away from the end of it, so fingers crossed I can get it through road worthy and registration.
  14. looks awesome, love those older bikes.
  15. thanks for the comments people. :grin:

    OK I went to the transport department and asked if I could get it registered with the different numbers, and they said it was fine as long as it's specified on the roadworthy, which it will be.

    I got the new shocks on as well and they work great :grin:, but I will probably get the old ones rebuilt if I can cause they are really good too, and I will get the springs on the old ones reset and chrome dipped to make em look nice.

    just need to get a grease gun and inject some grease into the swingarm to lube the bearings, then it's off to the bike shop (hopefully) to get it roadworthied!
  16. Where'd ya get the shockies? My old man's CB had broken a shock, and he keeps having heart attacks at what people are asking for shocks.. :?
  17. I saw a Z750 today parked outside a local business for sale for $2,100.

    I didn't stop to check it out, but it looked pretty good. Gotta love some of the older bikes :cool: