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My problem

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Chillidog, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. I've had my 650L Ninja for around 9 months now and am really happy with it. It's given me 8k km of travel free learning, I;m even starting to get the hang of riding it (although many who follow me around as TEC would dispute this claim.

    My problem is a freind has just won a competition and the prize is a Ducati Monster 659.

    They have given me the opportunity to purchase it off them at a ripping price.

    I've got to decide tonight (and won't have a chance to sit on or ride one).

    The problem is further compounded as I'm what is known as a big bastard (6'2" 105kg).

    So, will the Duc fit me ok?

    Should I get if for 6 months until my restrictions are up and trade up, letting my Ninja go now?

  2. Keep the ninja and unrestrict it when u get your full licence
  3. Buy the Monster, if it is as good a deal as you say and you decide you don't like it sell it for a profit.
  4. Yeah, if it's that good a deal, then give it a bash for a while. It will probably be too small for you, but that can be fun too.
  5. Meh, go for the Monster. You can't have too many different bike experiences and in the end it will be traded for something bigger and faster. Probably for more than the ninja.
  6. What he said
  7. I'm off my restrictions today. Let me but the Duc for that ripping price

  8. The Duc is LAMS approved.
  9. Oops, clearly not paying attention. I saw Ducati, new, ripping price and got excited.
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  10. go the monster... then give it to me :p
  11. If it's a good enough price to resell at a profit, go for it.

    Having said that, the Monster will probably try and crush your gentleman bits.

    You may, or may not, like that.....(shrug)
  12. If the Duc is that much of a bargain go for it - you'll have no problem selling down the track.

    Let us know what effect it had on your gentleman's bits.
  13. The duc will feel small but I say give it a go anyway (if the price is right).
  14. Don't.
    Definitely don't post any pics either, but do buy the Duke, you cant ride/own enough bikes in one lifetime.
    It's been said many times before and I think someone has used it for their sig here.
    "The ideal number of bikes is N+1 where N=the current number of bikes you own."
  15. Did you do it?

  16. No.
  17. That's one you missed.
  18. You'll definitely be getting a better handling bike for the money. If you say it's a good price. How much? And you may very well be happy to stay on it after your restrictions end. It's is for sure better quality
  19. #20 Chillidog, Nov 8, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2013
    A couple of issues came up; as they usually do when you think you have a great deal (original price $x, price after I said yes became $x times 2, so no longer the cracking deal). I suspect the final price would be somewhere in between but I'm not that keen to spend the money on a bike I'll have for about 6 months, particularly when I have a bike I'm currently happy with

    It's not dead in the water yet, but is looking very unlikely.

    I'm off overseas on Monday for 2 weeks so I'll see where things are when I get back.