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My pretty much new bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Ridingtime, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Just bought this 2008 GSX-R 600 for $8500 without registration.
    I know the price is a bit high but it only has 2288 km on it.
    All stock except for the fender eliminator and it has both the rear seat cowl and fender eliminator.
    TBH doesn't look very good in the photos but it does in real life =D

  2. Looks good, I'm a fan of the gixxers myself
  3. Looks just fine mate, well done. Price is never the main priority, its about getting a good example of what YOU want and being joyously chuffed.
  4. I really like the colour combo - why the no registration?
  5. Always loved gixxers sexy bike haha really liking this one its nice even the stock exhaust isnt as ugly as say the cbr stock exhaust haha :)
  6. The first owner was an old guy he put 1900 km on it and kept it in his garage for 2-3 years then sold it on to the guy i bought it off, the guy i bought it off didn't have his bike license from overseas transferred over yet but he couldn't help taking it out, he rode it for about 400km before getting busted by the cops without a license. He took a deposit from his mate who screwed him around for 6 months while the rego wasted. Then i came along :D
    Truth be told i wanted a Harley but couldn't afford a decent one.
    I'll probably end up selling after 6 months cause i should have a bit more saved to buy a Dyna hopefully, that's why i think i paid too much.
  7. The thread that keeps giving.
  8. Nice. Totally off topic, but I need to get this off chest, are you Italian or Greek by chance?
  9. Haha why do you ask the plants?
    The owner of the property is Greek.
  10. Cause it looks like what my dad's yard / garden used to look like. Exactly the same !!
  11. How can you tell just from the photos?? Amazing.
  12. Haha where abouts did he use to live that it looks similar?
  13. Just the way they use boxes, buckets, bins and nothing gets thrown away. Everything can be re-used for something!

    He used to live on the northside of Brissy
  14. Haha yeah everything can be re-used unfortunately the man is getting older and he doesn't do gardening any more he spends all his time at the nursing home where his wife is, getting old is a sad yet inevitable thing.
  15. Sad indeed. My dad is also in a nursing home right now too, we had to sell the house two years ago.

    sorry, I digress.
  16. Ive been having so much trouble sleeping since i bought this bike i keep feeling as if im going to wake up and find it gone, i have woken up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning and went out to check the bike it feels bad. Ive only had it for a week and haven't even rode it yet but i think im going to sell it, its 3:30 in the morning and just cant sleep knowing the bike might be in danger. I don't think ill get over this feeling so im seriously considering selling it and buying something after 5 months once our new place is done which will be very secure compared to normal houses. Any advice other than insurance? (i dont have $3000 which is what i was quoted)
  17. What about third party fire and theft?
  18. If i can transfer it to my dad's name somehow without having to pay the duty fee twice it will be around $600 but in my name its about $1800.
    I have no choice i need to get insurance or its just going stay locked up at home and that's a real waste. That's more money i didn't expect to pay but for peace of mind i guess its necessary.