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My postie :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by mr_sikma, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    After getting my DRZ400E stolen a few months back I had to get back on two wheels some way or another!

    2007 Honda CT110 postie

    -Painted in matt black
    -Custom indicators
    -RHS stand removed
    -Rear rack removed
    -RHS mirror removed
    -Sprocket cover removed
    -Mudflaps removed
    -16t front sprocket (from 15t)
    -80 main jet (from 72)
    -De-restricted exhaust
    -Pod filter and de-restricted intake

    Attached Files:

  2. That's one mean looking replacement steed dude !
  3. Haha cheers...

    Wish i still had my DRZ but this is a pretty fun runabout :)
  4. With those performance mods, I bet the dogs can't get near you! Why did you remove the rhs mirror and not the left?
  5. Looks the goods. Ex ozy post bike?
  6. looks neat - mate of mine has done a couple of posties up - one of which he supercharged.

    That said, I don't think he's too confident in it holding together too long now.
  7. Looks sh** hot!

    I'm considering one of these myself as I expect a demerit point suspension to follow up the current one <_<. Hoping to get on the no stuff ups for a year scheme and I just can't trust the FZ1 not to spontaneously decide of it's own accord to kill a few kittens.
  8. Yeah its an ex aus post bike... they always end up at the auctions at around 25-30k kms!

    And the LHS mirror is the main one i use really... Because the hand is on the throttle on the right it seems to block everything!
  9. man i miss my postie bike... i had a matte black postie with 12" ape hangers upside down mirrors and a pitt bike exhaust.. sounded like a XR250R lol.. great bikes mate and will never let ya down... i really do miss mine.
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  10. I like it.
    What's the top speed after all those mods?
  11. Ive hit 90kmh on a freeway! But it does 80kmh pretty easy :)

    Kingy... Any pics mate?
  12. i am looking into it now mate.. i dont belive i have them anymore... i took them on my first ever digital camera and i think they where put onto an old computer ages ago... i will keep looking
  13. Any luck???
  14. How much $ does an old postie bike cost?
  15. Alot more than you would expect.
  16. #16 Tone2, Nov 18, 2011
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    Look on eBay or check Pickles auctions (where Aus Post tends to offload them). Newer ones close to $2k.
  17. Way too much
  18. negative man i think the camera is long gone... i am not a happy man:nopity:
  19. > Look on eBay or check Pickles auctions (where Aus Post tends to offload them). Newer ones close to $2k.

    You can get them registered for less than that. I got mine less than 2 years ago (with the exact mods and paint of mr_sikma) for $1,000, and it didn't need anything for RWC.

    Ended up replacing the pod filter with the stock air box as it tore the hell out of the milage (so below 30km/L - ha!) and you couldn't ride it in the rain. I managed to get to 85km/h, but that was on the flat.

    Hell fun. Great bike, mr_sikma!
  20. aaaaaawwww I just did this
    $1027 for bike
    $78 roadworthy
    $240 p/a rego business so less for private.
    These are between 25 and 35 thousand K's. Don't let K's bother you. The 25's will have been hit and repaired or been troublesome. They let them go after thirty thousand. Thirty five if they have been faultless.
    You will have about another thirty thousand K's trouble free riding with nothing more than an oil change every one or two months depending on how much you ride it.
    Mine do roughly 80 k's a day five days a week.
    A few weeks ago we had quite a few in a paddock for our xmas party.
    We had a relay long distance race. The bikes ran all day with very drunk riders wringing their necks all day.
    All eight bikes Had Sunday off and went back to work Monday.
    Oh and they might be fun and easy to ride. But on the limit they are a biatch ha ha. So much flex in them.