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My poor duke

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Kaer, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. 3 months of waiting for parts, and I'm down to just needing a headlight bracket.

    Here's the problem.

    There's 12 on backorder through the importers, and each month they only bring in 3.

    Make sense? Not to me.

    Meant to get the first one off the ship in next months shipment, here's hoping.
  2. I'd be taking the other one to an engineer and having him make one for you; you'd have it straight away and it'll probably cost you less too!
  3. Have you tried Gowanloch's NSW or EuroBrit VIC?
    2nd hand dealers.
  4. I'd go O/S.
    Got onto some suppliers for Aprilia parts in the past....check ebayUK for power-sellers, those guys are usually quite good.
    To establish contact quickly, I rather find out their phone numbers, then use a GPS-$10 prepaid phonecard (Chinese greengrocers/ $2-shops) and call O/S for under 2c/ min, plus 22c hook-up....24/7.
    UK guys are better than the US-based mobs, postage way cheaper and most are fine with sendiong stuff anywhere as long as it's been paid for.
  5. Gowanloch's are doing the chasing for me at the moment (the ones who've got the back order in place for me):)

    EuroBrit didn't have one either (first place Gowanloch checked for me)

    Problem is the 620 Duke tends to have a few accidents as it's a learners bike, and these headlight brackets are the first to go.
  6. Yep, already got a mate of mine in London looking for one for me.
  7. HAH, you got yourself (I've been waiting for that to happen!!)
    Cheers K!
  8. Bugger.