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my poor car!!! - not having a good day {vent session - long}

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bron.X, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. My cage decided that it was time for its computer to die on me last night... *sigh* at the Telstra Dome of all places... in the basement of course...

    Call the RACV .. "can you please wait at the Bourke St Car Park entrance".. yeah yeah.. so off I go to find the man with the flashing yellow lights... waiting waiting..... and he arrives, diagnoses the problem.. "yep i think its the computer.. you will need to get it towed.. I will order a LOW tow truck to get you out of here"

    Back to the main entrance to wait for the NEXT salvage vehicle, and yep, its a BIG flat bed tow truck, NO it DOESNT fit under the car park. So my B!tCH heavy statesman gets pushed to one of the entrances so that the towie can drag its sorry backside up on the tray. Dump the car at the auto elecs that I knew would be open this morning (the ones that have been trying to resolve the mystery electrical glitch, that has now been identified)..... lock the car up and 2 hours 30 mins later and I am finally on my way home in a taxi (thank you Mr RACV)...

    Get a lift back to the auto elec this morning to give them the keys....and I find....


    Looks like the tow truck backed up to get out of the car park, straight over the top of my bonnet...

    Not happy!!! Thank goodness I have a REALLY good insurance company, claim already lodged, photos taken of car "in situ", and a nice repair job booked for Monday....

    *phew*... I have had my grumble... I feel better now

    PS: Hey Rolla, have figured out the problem finally... :LOL:
  2. can you show us some pics please :p
  3. Tell me how to add a pic easily and I will.....gladly
  4. Hit the towing co for a loan/hire car seeing as your car is now off the road longer than antiipated!

    p.s hit & run is an offence! the name of the towie should be on your paperwork! remind the company of this!
  5. how annoying!!! id be so pissed. Good luck with it all though :)
  6. Did you contact the tow truck prick? has he admitted to damaging your car? Maybe you should file a report with the cops and contact the tow company with details of the incident. A mate of mine had the side of his car scraped by a garbage truck, he went to the garbage depo and sure enough there was a truck with his paint on it, he got his money :), maybe the tow truck has your paint under the tray???
  7. That's rotten luck :(
    I can't imagine how a tow truck driver could do something like that and think they could get away with it.
  8. I was that pi$$ed off yesterday, I couldnt remember which towing co it was, and being an RACV pick up, they dont give you paperwork.. It was 1.15am in the morning and my brain wasnt at its best.

    Insurance company said it was best for my case manager to contact the towing company, they will track the driver/truck down via RACV.

    AND they WILL be insisting on a hire car for me..

    I can see the brighter side of it now, the bonnet needed a respray anyway... :grin: