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My poor Blackbird!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bugeater, May 11, 2007.

  1. Well it finally happened. Someone pulled out on me on that horrible roundabout thing at the intersection of Flemington, Royal Parade, Elizabeth (plus misc others). Well actually it happens quite often, but normally I stop or avoid it.

    Not this time. I reacted quickly enough, but I guess because I was cornering the bike didn't stay upright. Next thing I'm sliding. The bike stopped and I was all confused and tasted blood. I decided I would lay there for a while cause I was pretty dazed, but all these people waiting for the tram picked me and the bike up and took us off the road. Even better the guy that pulled out stopped and came back. Turns out he's a motorcyclist and works in a motorcycle related organization.

    I'm mostly okay except for some abrasions and bruising. The bike doesn't look so hot. Mostly cosmetic, but somehow the fuel tank opposite the side of the slide is mashed in. I think I might have kneed it somehow.

    I mean I'm okay and it seems like the insurance will be fine, so as far as accidents go, it wasn't too bad. But I was going to cross Australia in about three weeks. I doubt the bike will be fixed by then. I'm also worried about how well it will be fixed. They never seem to be quite the same and metallic paint is hard to match.

    So that makes 11 years since the last accident. Guess that's not a bad run :grin:
  2. sorry to hear... nothing worse than theforgone holiday plans.. (mine fell though too)

    i hate the rouderbout gives me the hebegeebeis (sp haha)
  3. that particular 'roundabout" ranks as one of the places I'd LEAST like to go down :shock:

    Glad to hear you're ok and that people stopped to help.

    Pity about the bike mate, but look on the bright side: if you're not happy with it when fixed, you can always sell up and buy a newie! :grin:
  4. NOOOOOOOOO! not the Bird.

    Was a nice looking bike too.

    Maybe get a full respray and artworkit he colour os too hard to match....make it "fooli sik mate" :p

    best of luck with repairs and good to hear your ok.

    if youk knee'd the tank you may find it hurts tomorrow.
  5. nooooo not the blackbird, glad you are OK mate. Good to see people jelp you out. Bike you can always fix that, hmmm maybe wait for your trip to finish before repairing? I know I know who wants to ride a busted bike. :grin:
  6. glad to hear you came out unharmed....still worthwhile heading off to the doc's just atleast so it's noted, if you require treatment down the track...

    Sorry to hear about your holiday plans.... hope you get something sorted out with that too :(

  7. I beg to differ!!

    Crashing whilst on holidays sucks a shit load more.............................if you let it ;)

    Mend quickly.
  8. Bummer, bugeater :(

    Look on the brightside, with your track-record you've got another 11 years before you have to worry about another off.
  9. Cheesus!..that's no good mate!..But YOU are ok..
    The Birds are big bikes, so once they let go, they hit hard...but the same thing makes them strong as pig-iron...She'll be aok. :)
  10. Yeah I think I was kind of lucky really. When it stopped sliding I tried to get up, then decided not to and wanted to have a little nap. I think I was pinned by the bike. But all the people picked me and the bike up.... napping in that intersection probably isn't a good idea - someone is bound to just run you over.

    I have a round bruised indentation in my calf the exact size of the bolts for the Ventura rack, so I suspect that's what pinned me down. It hurts the most. The other is the knee that must have made the dent in the tank. I also got a split lip though the helmet barely looks touched....

    Anyway the doctor has checked me out (my girlfriend made me go :p ), I've dropped the bike at Redwing and gotten quotes on everything else. I also discovered that full woollen suit pants are amazingly abraison resistant. Expensive to replace though. Oh and the guys at Redwing were very good too. They dropped me off at the train station since I was hobbling somewhat.

  11. Glad you are ok mate, as Raven said the bird is a big bike, and once it's on the way down, it's very hard to stop it. One of our group of 15 bird riders dropped his at our annual gathering at Dorrigo last weekend, he was doing a walking pace U-turn, lost footing Bang! down she went.
  12. nad luck mate always bed to hear about offs but it makes it that little better to hear your alright, the bars didnt appear to be twisted did they? if they are could be the handle bar the it the tank

    anyway best of luck with the recovery and getting the bike back
  13. Bumber. Not cool at all. Hope u get well asap, and make it on that trip u were planning.
    U live to ride again.
  14. THAT'S just rotten luck, especially as it was in a place where you know there's danger and have been able to avoid it in the past :(.

    I wouldn't worry about the bike; a good mechanic will be able to make it as good as new. You rest up in the mean time.
  15. As it turns out I normally take the center lane (of three), but because I wanted to go a different way home that night, I took the leftmost one. Not only are you less visible in the left lane, but you also get much less warning of someone failing to give way.

    I was actually in the process of indicating my intention to turn left out of the roundabout when the car came out and I reflexively hit the brakes. I guess the process of cornering, road oil and too much braking made her go down. Given the car was probably only 5-10m or so in front of me, I'm not sure if it would have been possible to keep her upright without hitting the car. So I probably came out the best I could.

    I know in future I'll travel through there at a snails pace and also never use the left lane if I can help it.

  16. I know this roundabout, only as "The Wheel of Death." :eek:hno:

    Sorry to hear your bike's bent but I'm glad you're ok dude. :)
  17. Bad luck hope they can get it sorted quickly.

    It'd suck to miss the holiday without the bike but it would suck a lot more if you missed it because you were in hospital.
  18. No no no no NOOOOOOooooo....!!! Not your beautiful bird!
    :shock: :cry:

    That roundabout is always such a mess. People never seem to know where the lanes are.

    For those who don't know the area... there are 2 tram lines going through the middle (give way mid roundabout), the major roads also have service roads from the roundabout, direct access to the little streets... Too much!
    (The thing in the center :))

    So sorry to hear of this, Marty. Glad you're relatively ok... still sucks big time.
  19. Thanks for putting the picture up Pinkxie. I didn't know how. I remember having to drive through that roundabout on my first day in Melbourne. It blew my mind. My girlfriend cried. Yeah Melbourne roads suck compared to Perth :shock:

    Anyway I've got a quote on the motorbike damage. Over $7000. Ouch. Add to that the over $1000 of clothing and protective gear damage.
    Given it wasn't a massively fast off, I guess the Blackbird just grinds everything down with its weight and inertia.
  20. :shock:

    Ouch! That's gotta be a bit hard to swallow.

    Let us know how the claim goes (I imagine it is a write-off at that level).

    Was the gear covered as well?

    What about salvage options? ...could make for an interesting project ride