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My police experience today...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sir_b, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. ...was altogether positive...

    Was on my way to visit grobby when I got pulled over in his street (50kph zone). Gist of the conversation went something like this:

    Me: G'day guys...
    C: Hi, do you know what speed you were doing?
    Me: How fast was I going?
    C: You tell us...
    Me: I don't know, about 50, no more than 55. What did it look like to you?
    C: More like 70, 75. You won't be getting a ticket because we don't have your speed captured, but you were flying, we couldn't keep up.
    Me: I barely got out of first gear!
    C: What does that thing do in first?
    Me: Ohh, 55 or 60 (~70 :) ).
    C: Where's your rego sticker?
    Me: Down here on the left.
    (Cops take licence).
    Me: I've got a perfectly clean record, never been booked.
    C: <looks at me and grins> That's good luck more than good management.
    (Cops do licence check in car and come back).
    C: Look, you're not getting a fine because you were doing everything else right, but be careful ok?
    Me: Yeah no worries, thanks guys :)

    Altogether a good experience, cops were friendly even though they were sure I was speeding, didn't try to run me through the wringer or even intimidate me into admitting I'd done something wrong. Checked the bike for obscured plate and rego sticker being displayed, licence check, and sent me on my way with a warning, nice.

  2. I'm glad you didn't get a ticket but it doesn"t sound all that nice. It sounds to me like a cop being a prick, pulling you over without a valid reason in the hope of finding one. :? If they didn't record your speed, what the hell did they pull you over for? If the thought you were speeding, all they had to do was match your speed to get some idea. Or did you just out-acellerate them destroying their sence of manhood? :?

    Edit: even at 75kph, if their cop car can't keep up, I'm fcuking worried. :shock:
  3. Seany: In regards to the "couldn't keep up" i assume they meant they were travelling at 50+kph yet Justin was still pulling away, that is, he was speeding.

    Justin: Never admit to be travelling at more then the speed limit. Even if it is only about 5 kph over. If you admit you were travelling at 55 (by your speedo) then i'm almost certain they can write you a ticket if they have pulled you over to question your speed.
  4. Actually, it was acceleration, I'd gone through a stop sign, then right at a round about, then accelerated down the street. They had trouble keeping up with me through the turns and acceleration.

    Yeah I'm under the impression they can as well, I think I made it pretty clear to them that I wasn't sure how fast I was going, but I realised after I said "no faster than 55" that I stuffed up :)

  5. if they can't get you on 'radar capture' and are trying to tail record your speed, they have to follow you for a distance of about 500 (give or take some for local rules and or regulations) metres to accurately ascertain your speed by matching it in the police vehicle. The vehicle must be followed without gaining or losing ground for a distance of .... metres to accurately judge the speed. (If not, its a guess which is inadmissable :p )

    Thats what I was taught to do when I was in the job. :grin:
  6. I don't know... I've always found them to be perfectly reasonable.

    The two occasions I've been pulled over for doing well in excess of the posted limit (they could have thrown the proverbial book at me) I've acknowledged my 'outrageous' velocity and offered an explanation (neither of which were 'life or death') which they've felt was reasonable and sent me on my way with a "no problems, just take it easy mate".

    I don't think challenging their estimate or 'playing dumb' would have helped at all. :)
  7. Serves you right for going anywhere near Glenn.

    I've never known a bigger cop magnet than that bloke :LOL:

  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    comeon he aint that bad of a cop magnet..........is he :shock:
    and if he is his luck might change........ get a real hot one that needs to frisk him :grin: :LOL:
  9. Sounds like another good reason to have more cops on the road that speed cameras. Speeds cameras have no personality and book even the 'safe' drivers / riders, cops can give exceptions.

    That was good luck you had today, and yes I don't playing dumb or being a smart arse would have helped at all :grin:
  10. yeah, justin geezse you game hanging out on grobs street, everyone knows he has a regular police patrol come past!
  11. This is true, I was overtaking a car one day on a straight and a cop pulled me over, same story - said he didn't get my reading but asked me how fast I was going. I though I would do the right thing and be honest, so I told him around 120 while I was overtaking, then I slowed down. He booked me for the 120. The thing that sucked was that he had followed me all the way home and booked my in my driveway (I was on the twistys so It must have taken him a while to catch up). :shock:
  12. I said to him , "why didnt you just pull up in my driveway" because he rode past my house.
    he said "I didnt want to bring the cops to your house "
    i said "it doesnt matter they know where it is , there been here enough times"
  13. If you'd pulled into Glenn's driveway there's no way you'd have avoide3d a ticket for something... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. I had a similar experience the other night....

    Went up the road to pick up some takeaway japanese and got home to find 1 dish missing.
    I went back up and picked up the missing dish and hastely returned home (60 zone all the way).

    I accelerated hard from lights and lane split to get home ASAP but did not speed.
    As I pulled into my laneway that leads to the back of the house, I see blue and reds flashing and think, Ohhh Fcuk!

    1st thing I did to defuse the situation was to say "I'm not trying to do a runner, I actually live down here ;)"

    It turns out he pulled me over cos someone had moved my rego label so it was covering part of my number plate.
    I didn't have my license on me and I had had a small drink a few hours earlier, but nothing came of it. He just left me with a warning.

  15. a lot of luck going around at the moment... :shock:

    hope you guys haven't used all of yours up... I'm saving mine for a rainy day :p
  16. No, I didn't do that officer, I didn't even notice. it must have been someone's idea of a joke. Bloody kids these days. :wink: :LOL:
  17. im saving mine for when i get a bigger bike :shock:
  18. go get your Ps before worrying about that you lazy IT bum :p
  19. I got pulled up right outside home years ago, I did a right turn in front of an unmarked cop car and didn't give a lot of room, and I'd just finished telling them I had a shit of a day and that a friend was run over by a race car at Winton and I've just driven back from up there when my parents walk out the front door and said "It was just on the TV that your friend died" so they took pity on me and left.

    Got pulled over once near Heywood and the first thing he asked was how fast did I think I was going to which I replied "I was trying to not go over 110".

    He said "well I got you at 122" to which I said "you're kidding was I going downhill at the time" and he replied "yep, you came over the top at 118 and got up to 122 by the time you got to the bottom".

    I then asked him where he was hiding as I thought I knew all the hiding spots and he told me he found a new one a few weeks prior.

    Anyway to cut an even longer story short he ended up writing me up for 115 which back then was a point and the minimum fine. That was the first and so far only time I've been pulled over and actually copped a ticket in 23.5 years.
  20. Your problems could be alleviated with good observation skills. Sounds like to me you weren't using your mirrors and didn't notice them. Because why would you want to speed if you know they are following you? :?
    But I could be wrong...you just might like to chance paying the gov't some of your cash and eventually :-k
    Just when did you notice them behind you :?: