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My plan for a dream bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Shori, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    As always, I'm a bit confused about the plan that I have come up with for the next 2-3yrs. basically, I plan to buy my dream bike - Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring in may be 2-3yrs., depending on the savings. The only bike that I can think of that has the sporting ability for the days when one want to ride solo on the twisties and also offers touring comforts two up w/t really good power. By then the new Sky Hook tech will also be well tested.

    To get there, I have thought of the following 2 approaches while saving money on the for at least 2yrs.

    Approach - 1

    Spend $12,500 now (incl. shipping interstate and green slip) for a decent bike like the Ninja 1000ABS (done 7-8000kms) and keep it until I have saved enough for the MultiS. this way i will maintain/ better my bike skills as the engine is a 1000cc (125hp) and will also not get bored in the meantime. The bike has good power and will keep me entertained. I won't get a ridicilous power shock of suddenly having to adjust to 150hp of the MultiS.

    Don't like:
    - Not very comfortable for the pillion (partner can manage a max of 40mins non-stop)
    - is not the same size/ structure as the MultiS. So no skills gained in terms of handling a bike that size.
    - can't experience any wknd getaways on this bike. No touring experience will be gained. Not planning on adding any panniers to the Ninja. Don't know why...
    - hard to find a good value sale in NSW. There is only one on the buying list and that is interstate.

    Resale value after 2-3yrs. and 30,000kms....? Not sure

    Approach - 2

    Spend about $15,500 ona new Tiger 800 road ver. (w/t panniers & Arrow slip-on). This might help me develop my handling skills of big bikes, as its roughly the same style of bike. Hopefully, when I have the Tiger I will do some wknd getaways and slowly build on long distance touring experience. Super comfortable for pillion on long rides.

    Don't like:
    - will spend a lot more upfront
    - not as cool looking as the Ninja
    - does not offer the same riding excitement
    - might affect my skills of controlling a powerful engine
    - can't manoeuvre comfortably in the traffic

    Resale value after 2-3yrs. and 20,000kms...? Not sure

    Sorry about the ridiculously long post. Your thoughts on this will be highly appreciated.

  2. What bike do you have now?
  3. Buy a 1050 Tiger, maybe four or five years old with panniers......

    Enjoy it now!
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  4. #4 Shori, Oct 23, 2013
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    Just sold my Speed Triple.....Don't have a bike atm.

    Not a bad idea....Will check out how much they are going for.
  5. #5 WheelsLegman, Oct 23, 2013
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    HyperMotard 796? 821cc, easy to ride in traffic, somewhat similar to the Multistrada, Ive seen them about 12k second hand with under 5kms. Not sure about the power but they look pretty exciting to me. Of the options I would say get a Tiger but reading your dislikes it sounds like you wont be happy, not good especially since it costs more.

    Just did a quick check on bikesales and the 1100 hyper is even cheaper than the 796, but they are older and I heard they arent great in urban traffic
  6. But the OP is trying to put off becoming a bike mechanic for a couple of years! ;)
  7. Why not just buy a low mileage 2nd hand multistrada now?
  8. Is there such a thing?
  9. I have seen exdemonstrator multistradas at very good prices in the past with less than 10000km.
    Not sure how common that is though.
  10. Talking to a guy with his MTS 1200 at last track day.
    2-3 years old, 25,000km, optioned up, he is buying a new one and was expecting less than $17k for his. Not bad value considering new price.
    One on bikesales @ $17k atm.
    Had a good scrap with him on the SMT.
  11. I rather wait, save up and buy a new one. This is one bike I want to keep for a longggggg time.
  12. Start with a second hand multistrada while your saving, then buy new when you have tbe money.
    Then you don't have to even consider any of the other questions you had.
  13. +1
    You are obviously set on the MTS, so why buy something you don't want?
    You will lose less than $5k on a used one while you are waiting (unless the electrics implode;) ).
  14. I like the idea....but, the second hand is still out of budget atm...They are not cheap second hand either.
  15. You can buy a KTM 990SMT for like $10k which is probably the closest to the MS1200. Comfortable, twin, enough power, European.
  16. You could get a cheap Vtwin as an inbetween bike, something such as an SV1000. $6,000 will get you a decent one and you can enjoy the V2 feel.
  17. Would be lucky to get an SMT less tan $12k that hasn't had a hard time.
    Now that they are discontinued (2013 bikes in shops are the last ones) people are hanging on to them. They (me included) were expecting an 1190/1290 version which hasn't happened.
    KTM in their wisdom have decided that 2 versions of the Adventure (extra weight and 19" or 21" front wheels) and SD 1290 (s/sport suspension) fill the void.
    With the latest pics of the SD 1290 with screen and panniers, not looking good for a 1290 SMT in the near future.
    If KTM change their mind then there will be some good buys to be had in cheap 990 SMT's all hitting the market at the same time (mine included).
    SD 1290 with touring pack:
    1290 tour.
  18. You might be right, I swear there were some up for $10K, maybe I got confused with the 950. Looking on bikesales there are no secondhand SMT's anywhere in Oz.
  19. Don't go the hypermotard if you want to tour. They only have an 8L tank from memory and if you have the 1100 cc version you'll be filling up every 200km's. Other than that an awesome bike.