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My Pickles Experience

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Steviek, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hey there everyone,

    I just thought I'd write up my experience with Pickles.

    I had been trolling around all the auction websites trying to find a bargain and after a couple of months finally found a REAL bargain in Melbourne (I'm from Canberra).

    There was the bike I was looking for, a '05 CBR1100XX Super Blackbird with 3900k's, already fitted with Micron Cans and a tank protector. I start by asking a whole bunch of questions about it over email and I'm not getting the info I need, so I ring the guy that I'm emailing and he basically says that he's glad I've rung otherwise he was going to ask me to stop emailing. Hmm, I wonder how he'd feel if someone told him his potential spendings were'nt worth their time. Anyway, registered to bid online and ended up winning it for an absolute steal of only $10250!!!!

    After I win though, things turn ugly, trying to get anyone to help me to get the bike transported from Melbourne to Canberra contiuosly got me nowhere! I even ended up calling the Canberra branch and asking for their help, they told me they'd ring me back and NEVER did. I ended up arranging the transport myself. The day before it's due to be picked up, I get a phone call (three weeks after the auctions has ended) with a price almost twice as much as I was quoted plus a $45 Pickles admin fee!!! That's service for you. The bike even turned up with a dead battery!

    Anyway, on a good note, after I replaced the battery, the CBR has a new home now and was registered with no problems at all. I'm pretty happy with my purchase as I still think it was a steal but it was also a huge gamble considering I had never seen it in the flesh.

    For future reference, dealing with Pickles is probably worth it, just don't expect a lot of service from them.


  2. Same thing happened with a mate of mine. He'd crashed his 200SX, trashing the front end, and whilst I was at Pickle's dropping off a load of old gear from our work, spotted a same model 200. Told him about it, he called them, they said it wasn't there. 2 weeks later, a guy he knows told him about this wrecked 200 he'd bought at Pickles from the auction...the one they supposedly didn't have.
  3. I've thought about the auction option and buying interstate.

    So Steve - how much in front are you after paying for rego, battery, delivery and inflated admin fee??
  4. Hey toecutter,

    I hardly think you can add registration costs, cause unless you buy it from your own state/territory, that something your going to have to pay anyway. That's not to say you wouldn't have to anyway cause what if it's unregistered. If you want to get technical, the money I spent on the pickles admin fee also helped to cut the cost I would have to pay if I paid more for the bike via normal methods for stamp duty.

    As for the admin costs, it was $600 and transport was $350, so I'm still ahead around a couple of grand on just the bike, which doesn't include mods man.

    Everyone I've spoken to including the guys at the ACT rego office and the delivery driver reckon it was a song!!!
  5. I think after I had won the auction I would have got to Melbourne somehow and ridden it back to Canberra
  6. FWIW, bought a bike from ACT in September and sold it this week - yet to transfer rego or pay stamp duty :shock:

    Always good to save some cash, and enjoy the Blackbird Stevie :cool:
  7. Wow, you're lucky. Here in the ACT you have to pay stamp duty within 14 days of purchase as stated on the rego forms or else there are some serious late fees. Guess you're a lucky one that got away with it.

    Thanks mate, loving it more and more each day.
  8. Trust me, I wanted to so BAD, but I couldn't get any time off work to get down there over the XMAS break. That and the fact that during that period we had those awesome hot 38 degree days followed by those nice days where half of Canberra got flooded, kind of put me off wanting to take that sort of risk, the guys from Bikes Only were awesome.