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My pick

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Kurtis_Strange, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. well I think I've found the next (first geared) bike I want to get...

    The Kawasaki 2005 GPX250R, in this colour too as I am not sold on the what seems to be popular black and green


    I want to thank all the people who helped me over the past 24hrs with different opinions and views, I've learned alot about the terminology and importing procedures in particular!

    I have no doubt that alot of people will be thinking "how can he make a decision based on net research", well simply I have nothing to compare to, I'm on my maiden voyage here so have based my decision soley on looks, price and year.

    Of course I will go check one out in the shop first, have a sit on it start it up etc, but I probably won't test ride....sounds crazy?

    well I've got nothin to compare too so wouldnt know if it was good or bad, to me its going to be "so this is what a geared road bike is like"...some of ya must be jealous :D that first experience, you can never go back and do that again, but I guess as time goes on the addiction grows stronger and its on to the next bike, and the next...

    From what I've read this will be a good first bike for me, the other reason why I want to buy new is the running period is all part of the experience too, would you agree?

    I'm kicking myself a bit as with ORC this bike is about $500 cheaper than what I've just paid for my scoot, which I now have to sell to recoup costs, I also have to re-sit my two day learner course on a manual bike.

    The plan is to be on the GPX by Christmas :D
  2. Get one second hand mate!

    Save yourself 3 grand.
  3. I second Loz. I'm looking at one for my first bike too, in the 2's. Seriously fella, you want a 600, so buy the gpx second hand and cheap. You'll probably save yourself 2-3 thou (when you factor in insurance) in the long term that you can put towards the 600 you'll be riding in a year or two.

    If you simply must have a new one though, then I think the gpx is a good choice. I've done a LOT of research and it seems to be the bees knees of learners sports bikes.

  4. agreed.
    And be aware, that for over 15yrs now, the GPX hasnt changed in the slighest (well, the indicators, and thats about it) There are more 'modern-tech' 250's out there now. Tho admittedly this does make them ultra-reliable, and have certainly had all the bugs taken out of.. If you do like the GPX, matbe check out it's younger brother Mr ZZR.
    just 2c.
  5. ok you guys have a good point, it is an interim bike and Im not exactly flush at the mo.

    So what year would be a good choice?

    ZZR being younger as in newer or smaller?
  6. GPX is pretty good.

    I was looking at one a while back. 2001 model with 1,000km on it for $3000. Problem was it had been sitting around and the fuel tank had rusted so i let it go.

    But they are definately good learners bikes. And get a second hand one. There is absolutely nothing wrong with one. And it will save you cash that you can spend on gear or the upgrade bike. You will probably drop it or something early on anyway and you'll be pissed off that you scratched up a brand new bike.
  7. ZZR has the same engine. Just updated styling which equals comfier and sexier. As mentioned the GPX has not changed since the '80s.
  8. Newer the better. The ZZR is a bigger bike size wise and a bit more sporty and attractive. They share the same engine, and the ZZR is a little more expensive.

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  10. I'm sure if you ask nicely you'll find a helpful Sydneysider (oxymoron? ;) ) prepared to come and take a look with you.

  11. And you didn't even HAVE to pay $5.

    Those both look good.

    Mechanic mate can check them out.

    In VIC you have to have a RWC to sell a vehicle os bike has been checked out, and you can get Vic Roads to check it out for you. I guess NSW would have an equivalent system.

    Just ask at you motor vehicle registry.
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  13. hey i like the gpx you were looking at im looking at one tomorow its the old red and purple coloured one which im not fussed on but ah well. i looked at both the zzr and gpx and will probly get a gpx only because its cheaper
  14. thanks mate, I've just PM'd the guy and requested photos.

    Right I better get my scoot sold, 6 weeks old, mint condition looking for $6,800 ono if anyones interested.

    I will advertise properly just thought I'd put that out there :D
  15. man I'm really liking this silver one selling over on the north shore


    Its a dealer and he's got two of them, selling for $5,999 but I reckon if I walked in with cash I could get the price down to $5,500

    17,000 kms 2002 model

    More expensive than the private sale just mentioned, but dealer purchase...do you think there is any advantage from buying 2nd hand from a dealer? eg servicing, problems etc
  16. Slyfox. was it coincidence, or intentional but the bike you bought up is the same blue and silver zzr's that duncank is refering to:

    both have the same mobile #
  17. coincidence, i didn't look that closely, nice looking bike judging from those pics.
  18. That silver one looks very tasty.
  19. that silver one does look nice with a dealer you get a warranty thatd be handy if something does go wrong (touch wood)
  20. ZZR was bigger, heavier and slower, but looks newer and has a more protective fairing. Think sport-tourer version. Typically, the ZZR is also at least a grand dearer.