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My Performance Car vs Performance Bike, review. tad long

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Righty, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. This week I had the chance to drive around a Brand new 2007 HSV Clubsport R8. My usual daily transport is my 07 CBR1000RR.

    As QLDERS will know we have had some pretty crazy weather this week so I was pretty chuffed to have a lid over my head just for a few days while the storms blew over.

    Regardless of weather I ride my bike to work but I had an opportunity to avoid a bit of rain and hale this week which was good.

    Something that I read a lot is people claiming that it's unfair to compare running costs and general owner ship costs of high performance bikes with standard 2.0L cars and the like.

    The car:

    It's a pretty friggin crazy machine. 6.0L V8 307Kw. My wife has an 06 focus and I was amazed at how much lighter the R8 was in the steering compared to the focus.

    The power is nuts in it and the sound is pretty nice too. The car I got to drive had leather seats and all that stuff too which was cool. Very comfy, fun to drive.

    The trip to work:

    I travel about 35k to work everyday, basically from the north side of Bris to the south. I have to cross the Gateway bridge on my journey.

    Normally on my bike the trip takes me about 35 minutes. I make pretty good time as I am able to split past sooooo much traffic. The slowest point for me is the toll bridge as I need to take my glove off, fish around for my $1.20 out of my pocket, put my glove back on, then carry on. It's a pretty nice ride, doing 100k most of the way. Obviously I need to gear up at the start of this journey and gear down when I get to work.

    In the R8 is took me about 50 minutes as I had to simply sit in traffic and deal with it. It wasn't all bad, I got to crank the stereo and enjoy the aircon/heater when needed. Still it takes a considerably longer amount of time to get there. When you add it up it would add 50 minutes, easily, to my daily commute.

    The good thing about this car was that I still had the grunt to move through traffic and get myself into a spot when it became available. I could also burn off cars at the lights like on the bike. Something I could never do in the focus.

    The cost of living:

    The toll...... $1.20 on the bike each way, $2.60 in the car. Bike wins. Car had etoll, have to stop on the bike. Car wins. In the end, the fact that it costs me less than half on the bike negates the 2 minutes I loose stopping to take my glove off.


    Read: Farkn expensive. In order to drive this car like I ride my bike through traffic (taking off at lights etc) it used about 16L per 100km. Holy shit!! A spirited ride on the CBR and I can stil get 250k out of a 18.5L tank. I really could not believe how expensive this thing was to run. I had it from Monday unti today and I spent 40 bucks on fuel. I spend about 20 on the bike for the weeks commute.

    It's pretty simple, the bike is not really as comfortable, how could it be, but I am looking forward to the ride to work tomorrow. I did enjoy sweating my ass off, or freezing my testes but.... It's part of biking and I love it. I enjoyed not getting rained on but again, I have my wet weather gear and I enjoy a bit of wet weather riding. The only thing I don't like is when your wet weather gear fails you which, lets face it, it's pretty well every time. :)


    I would choose the bike everytime, except if it were hailing. Why? For me the ride to work is an absolute blast. When I approach traffic I actually perk up a bit, it's exciting to work out how you are going to work your way through it, it's so satisfying getting through it. That feeling of, haha poor bastids, is sooo satisfying. The cost is completely un-comparable in my opinion. Bike wins every time. I don't care if I only get 10,000 km out of a rear tyre, I only have to replace one and it does not cost anymore than one of the big fat bastids on an R8 or equal type car. Service costs? Bah, not really comparable. For me, the bike wins.

    Hope it was a good read.

    Thanks to my little sister for lending me her car while she was in Syd :)
  2. The HSV's are certainly fine machines.. Would be awesome to have one for a weekend and give it a run. It makes you start thinking though when you drive an awesome car like that, about all the creature comforts..
  3. Ever since the bike i have realy lost interest in my fast car.
    Funny because my cars actually a fair whack faster than my my bike, but my bike is only a suzuki across 250.

    Bikes are just way more fun, especially in traffic.
  4. Very nice choice in car righty. I took the car to work yesterday as I thought I was going to have to pick someone up.. The cruise control is really nice, something I miss on the bike, but I'll remedy that with a throttle lock when I get a bike that knows what torque is.

    Comfort, nicer I guess. But using the accel just got my foot sore.. Cost? probably about 10 bucks return via car, or $2.50 on the 250 :)

    I'll always ride unless its one of those 'dry heat' days, where going fast just gets you hotter - those days just suck.
  5. They are fine machines, but I'd need a second job to cover the fuel :shock:
  6. It really depends on how you drive them.
    I have a 5.7 GenIII and if I'm just bowling down country roads all day it's pretty easy to see 10/100km.
    But if your booting it all the time away from the lights etc in the city, there is just stupid amounts of torque available after all, then yeah, 14-15/100 or more would be about right.
    With moderate driving and the occasional squirt to overtake etc I'm running about 10.6-10.8/100 which is really only about a litre per hundred worse than the much smaller and less powerful V6.

    The real costs with running those things is the servicing (50% more frequent than the V6), insurance (stupid premiums) and tyres (roughly every 20k).

    Now having owned one, I can't ever see myself going back to a Jap or Euro 4cyl ever again, they're just so damn driveable.
    Slow and lazy, 1000rpm in 6th if you want it or a screaming shove-you-back-in-the-seat monster if you put the boot in.
  7. Any car named after an STD is a bit of a joke IMO. :LOL:

    Was this "performance car" fitted with an auto transmission option? :LOL:

    Plus you look like a wealthy bogan driving it.
  8. :LOL:

    good call, I wasn't game enough to say it.

    Na seriously though they're decent cars that can be quite quick and practical at the same time (ie still tow a caravan/boat behind), I still love my turbo jap cars though :grin:
  9. Sounds like you got the wrong Focus. XR5 Turbo would fix up that 'slow-off-the-lights' problem. :LOL:

    I enjoy fast cars... but very different to a bike. For starters, your average sportsbike is faster than 99% of the cars on the road... even old sportsbikes. There's also a lot more fun to be had riding a bike because there is a lot more skill involved: sense of achievement means a lot (at least for me).

    But yeah, hooning around in a car occasionally is still a bit of fun. :)
  10. You mean after you fix the suspension and fit a proper tow-kit you can tow a boat. :p

    I couldn't stop laughing when I read a couple of years back the HSV ute had a payload capacity of about 250kg. How the fcuk is that a utility vehicle? You could carry more in the boot of a mid-sized sedan! :LOL:
  11. Cool, that's the look I'm going for! I love being a bogan. :cool: :cool:
  12. I haven't had a chance to drive one yet. I would love to take one for a spin.

    I like my bike though. :)
  13. i think you can compare a car to a bike if your talking about the right type of car....I have an R34 GTR with extensive mods done and its so much like going for a ride on a big sportsbike....I have had plenty of cars on pulling flat racks and benchs and i have to say the nissan coupes are quite a strong car to stretch out indeed....i have since fitted a removable towbar which is a bit of a hassle as the 34 has a carbonfibre underbody difusser so i cant leave the towbar on if i want to use it.I built the engine using all the japanese brand name parts....It pushs out big horsepower and has heaps of torque.....Most people that have driven it are amazed at the torque it puts out...i went for a pair of HKS 2530 turbos,some hks 264 10mm lift cams and the large trust inlet manifold ,i also took 3kgs off the crank.....these parts just gave the car so much more grunt...and the thing is just like a pussycat to drive...for someone thats been there id say there is much more bang for buck with japanese cars then aust built ones.... i mean this car is 8 years old and has every feature that the new cars have plus lots more...and the fuel bill is not as nasty as you would imagine


  14. very very ricey...
  15. Errr.. no..

    Ricey is asthetic mods that don't really do anything - eg. new f*ck off loud muffler, neons, paint schemes, etc.

    ylwgtr has only mentioned performance mods.

    So you're just wrong. :p
  16. That car is ricey. They are ricey straight out of the box. Bright Yellow Skyline with a big spoiler and exhaust = Ricey. Whether the mods are performance related or not is immaterial.
  17. Maybe.
    Although I certainly didn't have to drop the crank or add aftermarket turbos to get decent performance from my Commy.......it comes standard. :grin:
  18. No, still no.

    Ricey is looking fast instead of going fast. They go fast - especially with said mods. Granted not as fast as a big bike of course, but still fast.

    By your definition of ricey a Ferrari/lambo/insert supercar is ricey because of the way it looks, despite the fact that its a freakn rampaging bull.. err.. speed wise :LOL:

    Still no!

  19. A standard GTR hauls arse....with the mods i have its a rocket ship!....why do people put titanium cans ect on there bikes??Because the pipe gives more power and they look good...any crime in that?This car gets punished on the track and gets used as our family car...so its the best of both worlds.
  20. hey elzilcho...wasnt you the guy that was selling an R6 with an aftermarket pipe,fender eliminator ect???Did the fender eliminator make it go faster?????:D