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My Oxford heated grips keep turning themselves off!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hornet, May 9, 2011.

  1. This morning on the way from Wollongong to a very chilly Mittagong I noticed something that I also noticed on a ride on Saturday; my heated grips are turning themselves off, for no apparent reason. It seems to be when I stop, for example, in traffic, or at an intersection, or road works, and while they turn back on again, I don't think they should be going off unless I turn them off.

    Equally annoying is the fact that I don't THINK they used to do this....
  2. Voltage dropping to below the cutoff point when your revs aren't high enough?
    Could point to a reg/rec problem, depending on how they're wired.
  3. thanks, I suspected that; I replaced the reg/rec on this bike, but that was over 4 years ago....
  4. Ah The dreaded Honda regulator :) Measure the battery voltage at idle then at revs with a multimeter to see what you get Hornet. If it is low it could be a regulator or could equally be a sign of a tired battery. You don't mention difficulties starting so I guess it is probably regulator.

    If you need a new regulator ditch the Honda one and get a after market from http://www.regulatorrectifier.com/catalog/ It will be cheaper and better.
  5. I'll check that; and thanks for the link too (y).
  6. Paul,
    It could just be that your battery is on the way out, I find that the bike barely charges at idle and the grips rely on the battery maintaing a good voltage.
  7. No, the battery is fairly new, as I noted earlier

    And a primitive test of the charging rate (blip the throttle and see if the panel lights go brighter) said the reg/rec is still working, although I don't know how well, I'll admit

    So when I just got home I kicked the idle up to a whisker over 1,000 rpm (it WAS a fair bit lower than that) and tested the grips, they stayed on......
  8. Mine sometimes refuse to turn on, and usually always refuse to change temp setting. I've given the unit back to PS once, they ****ed about for two weeks and didn't fix it. I think I'll send it back again, but I really don't want to be without my bike for too long, and I think it would be too much to hope for that they'd fix it in a week.
  9. Motorcycle electrics are a complete mystery to me, but I suspect that is the case for some of the people we pay to work on them, too...

    This morning (thankfully) they worked properly for the whole trip, including a fairly long stop at some road-works; looks like the idle speed was at fault, thanks to those bods who pointed me in the right direction (y).