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My own mechanical whoopie cushion

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ljiljan, Dec 15, 2012.

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    A month or two back I took ownership of a gpx/zzr 250 (dunno which, I through away the rego label after it fell off) that had been sitting in a mates garage for 4 years after being abandoned by the owner, who was the ex of my mates flatmate. Besides the damaged plastic it really didn't look in too bad condition. The major problem at the time being the lack of having a key so going to work with a hammer and flat head screw driver we succeeded in completely destroying the ignition barrel so that it could turn a full 360 degrees and yet somehow leaving the steering lock securely in place. Solid effort that.

    Next move was to drag it out of the garage and onto the road to take away some valuable roadside parking space from the neighbours. Once there we set about removing the hideous front fairing Kawasaki blessed these bikes with and trying to break the steering lock - including levering with a 2m garden stake, which snapped the stake. Having a look under the ignition barrel, some dickhead had secured it with tamper proof screws.

    A lack of interest at the time led to it sitting still while someone took away the discarded fairing (hope you like it). A call mid last week saying that council had come round and put an impound sticker on the bike led to action. The sticker was removed and we dragged it further down the road towards mine. Recruiting some professional help led to the triple clamp coming off the top, which was fun in it's own right as the forks had effectively seized themselves on and the bloody steering lock was still going through the worlds longest menopausal episode ever. A good bit of loosening and leverage on the barrel found the lock slipping over the top of it's housing and the triple clamp was free. Quick and light work from a socket piece relieved the tamper proof screws from their duties, leaving me with a mostly free to move (manually) heavy hunk of metals on wheels. It was readily apparent why we were so lacklustre when it came to breaking the lock, the damn thing had a total cross section 10mm lengthways and 5mm across (yet to check if it is steel or Al, either way no chance at all of shearing it).

    A bit of work with a screwdriver had the seat off and back end of fairings with it and I proceeded to actually go into the mechanicals of the bike, something I'd never bothered with before. Which proved to be an interesting experience. Mostly following this guide, http://faq.ninja250.org/wiki/How_do_I_remove_the_carbs_to_work_on_them?, everything came off with relative ease, which I was expecting. I soaked the carbs in degreaser for a couple hours and gave them a visual. Nothing too bad, they should be able to flow enough for a crank when the time comes. Stick carbs back on, connect a few hoses. Reach this point - Slide carbs fully into airbox boots; slide spring clamps into locking channel. Not. Gonna. Happen. About two hours of considerable swearing and couple beers later, I had successfully fit one boot twice, and watched it slide off within seconds. The other boot wouldn't even sit flat over the carb but was pointing outward at an angle that can only be matched by the wheel camber on any given Penrith commodore. That was with the spring fastener in place - which would pop out of position as soon as I let go - and the rest of the boot would follow just quick enough to confirm that I was being mocked. So I threw in the towel.

    A quick call to a friend saw me heading down to the local shop to pick up some bits, and became the proud owner of two foam pod filters. I wanted the proper mesh ones in the usual pod shape but they didn't come in 50mm so I had to settle for second best. I came home and started hacking into the airbox for it's impertinence. I could't believe how many blasted screws were holding the thing together. I got the last laugh be viciously attacking the mesh of the filter with my Phillips head. On went the pods and my fears were confirmed, they were too wide and wouldn't go on next to each other. Which brings me to the end of todays tale and I'll be heading back to the store tomorrow morning and have them order some with a bent inlet nozzle (apparently they do stock them, hooray).

    Current things to fix.
    The locks, need new ones - ignition barrel, tank, seat.
    Headlight and light arrangement. Want some highbeams that burn retinas from 300m like Loz has.
    The general look - not sure if I want to cut the tail short and run it properly naked, or to stick the rear fairings back on. They do cover important items like coolant bottles and heat exchangers and fuse boxes but looks totally wank, so may have to go. Any advice on that?
    New battery needs to go somewhere now that I just threw it's resting place in the bin. Probably just put it back where it went with a new mount. Same goes for the included tool kit which I haven't even check out yet.
    Probably new clip ons. The controls seem to have four years of dead in them so rather than try and replace the box, might be simpler just to replace the whole lot. The right handgrip has gone to handgrip hell and the left one is going down the same troubled road of life.
    Crankcase breather needs to be sealed - not difficult, just easy to forget.

    There are pictures too, but they will arrive at a time when the time isn't 2:50am and the upload a file button works. If you really want to know and never seen one before, google kawasaki gpx250, possible keywords to add include "without fairings" "airbox removed" and "steering lock" to see the whole range.

    Now I'll leave you with some trance because I'm in a trance before hitting the bed mood.
  2. You touch little priests.
  3. Soz I dissed ur shevrollette lollz
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  4. I have some old ZZR bits cluttering up my garage incuding, I think, an airbox...

    They're yours if you want them.
  5. Epic.

    I look forward to book two.
  6. hmm, tell me more?
  7. Should be easy to tell whether you've got a GPX or a ZZR. The ZZR has a big chunky alloy frame, the GPX is steel tube.

    Chopping the tail will just bring the styling back closer to the GPZ250R they originated from:
  8. ZZR then. That's properly disappointing, knowing there is a nice steel frame and I have this big silver thing. If I chopped the tail I wouldn't be putting the back fairings back on, and the front ones are permanently gone.

    Assuming it starts, will be interesting to see how lean the pod filter turns the fuel mix.
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    There's a good write-up of a ZZR250 tail-chop and streetfighter modification here:
    Might give you a few useful ideas to work with.

    Edit: Oh and pod filters are almost certainly going to require adjustment of the idle mix and probably also the jetting. But even then without the relatively still air of the airbox CV carbs are going to be temperamental even at the best of times (the flat-slide carbs used on most racebikes don't have the same problem).
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  10. [​IMG]
    Yvonne printing me a receipt of sale.

    Steering lock that didn't even get close to budging.

    Lots of empty space.

    Bastard things wouldn't get near fitting. Called up SMW about it:
    "Hey mate, trying to fit the airbox boots back on the carbs, can you give me any tips?"
    "Oh, they're a f**king nightmare." They said those things are the sole reason they charge 3 hours labour for carb adjustment.

    Pod filters that didn't fit.

    This really needs to go

    The remaining parts.
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    But dude, the sshhhffffFFFTT induction!
    Read elsewhere that just by removing the snorkel (increasing the intake area by at least 5 times) the really start to lean out badly at higher revs. Here: http://www.ksrc-au.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=5978 someone says just go up one jet size makes it work sweet. We'll see.
    Thinking of possibly fitting some sort of ram air box around the filter, for an extra 0.25 horsepower. Could also simply go the chairman mod and drill the jets out quarter or half a mill.
  12. This place seems pretty good for jets (though I haven't got around to buying anything from them yet:

    Alternatively you can just buy a kit (you need the one for an EX250H):

    Pods and jets can be set up to give more power at peak rpm/throttle, but expect to lose stability at constant throttle as well as accentuating/creating deadspots in the mid-low range. So basically don't go nuts trying to chase perfection, if you can at least keep it from stalling it idle speed and/or requiring major effort to start, then you're doing well ;).
  13. Previously owned bikes include a hyosung and vfr400.
  14. Those little springs with the carbies are an ABSOLUTE bastard lol. I feel for ya!
    After the first time, any work that the old zzzzzzzzr needed in the carby area was paid for because of them!
  15. are u now using pram parts ?

    funny story , lol .
    you cud ride off the end of a jetty and
    fly ....
  16. na the ms's own's the old crumpledore/bombodore/headache...no chev badges to be seen...being in mt druitt im proud to say there still is badges on it. (must be the just commodores sticker on the windshield from previous owner.)

    now to the point....you dont by chance still have those L brackets for a rack from the tail fairings do you?
  17. I do. I will be keeping those.
  18. Nah... Was planning on working up a rig to tow it so I can take the little guy around.
  19. Thanks mate I'll check it out. You've never had to use it I assume?