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My own Italian mongrel

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by GodsPetMonkey, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. What is made in Italy, owned by Germans and has a Sweedish name?


    What was made in Italy, is owned by a German, and has a Sweedish name?

    My new Husky TE610 (its name is Frederik!)


    mmmm... big singles!


    So far I have put about 100km on it - reasonably impressed with the stock tyres, and loving everything else (even if I am treating it like my first born).

    Next step is to ‘motard this puppy! Should be done soon. Then dual-sport fun is just a quick wheel swap away from road carving madness. Probably won’t help its identity issues though.

  2. Not bad, Looking forward to some pics of Frederik with his Motard on.
  3. That is one tidy lookin unit. Can't wait to see it in 'Tard trim!
  4. Well the wheels are on, but I need to fix the gearing, so it's going to stay on the centre lift until I pick up some new sprockets (hopefully over the next few days).

    Additional pictures will be provided when it's all ready :D
  5. Sweet, look forward to the pics.

    And I learned something. I didn't know Husqvarna was German owned, I thought it was all Italian.
  6. Fredie's a 'tard!

    (but that's a good thing)



    BMW bought Husqvarna in 2007. Since then it seems their logistics have improved dramatically - they no longer seem to suffer the classic Italian bike problem of spare parts being made to order (and taking 6 months to arive). Wouldn't surprise me if BMW wants to compete more directly with KTM, and despite their best efforts (eg. the xmoto, which isn't a bad bike at all) their brand name just doesn't lend itself to enduros or dirtbikes as well as it does to road-focused adventure tourers.
  7. Sensational
    They are a great beast. Has the finish improved on them in the last two years ? If not get some clear 3m sheets to keep the graphics on it.
    The valves are an easy job. Only problem I have heard about them in decades is the woodruff key on the counter balancer nut can come loose or something like that. Loved mine. Much more stable and confidence inspiring compared to the KTM525
    Why do they call it a 610 when its never been one ???
  8. Front rim = HOT !!
  9. That thing is pure sex! Wish my old SMR570 looked that shmick.
  10. very nice!