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My Own Fender eliminator (er-6n)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by tim650, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. I love the look of the fender eliminators on bikes, it makes them look soo sweet/clean and simple... And it saves weight.

    So i decided to make one with my brother out of aluminium. They sell em but they stick the indicators out, and i dont have money :LOL:

    Still you be the judge, i didnt take any photos from behind before but you can see its a big mutha f*#ker:


    During making it, nothing at all. Looks like an aliens head. (also removed the handles):

    Im pretty happy with it, we might consider making them!!
  2. Nice work man. It looks great without the handles and with your fender eliminator it's all tidied up nicely.
  3. Thanks champ, thats what i think too.
  4. That looks pretty tight. Much better than before..

    Good job !
  5. Nice job buddy! really, like the idea
  6. Did you just remount the lights and drill the license plate into the plastic?
  7. Nice job, very clean. You might want to obscure your license plate if you're going to flaunt the fact that you ride a non LAMS bike on Ps :wink:
  8. Yes, i just drilled holes to bolt to inidicators and licence plate too, and its ALUMINIUM not plastic just painted it satin black so probably looks plastic..

    :LOL: Good idea.

    Thanx for comments NetRider's
  9. Nice job man! I did the same thing for my R6! Looks much cleaner/sleeker.

    All up it cost me under $20 and around 45minz - 1hr labour to make it! Beats paying up tp $70 for one. Besides I like making stuff that works! :)
  10. Nice job dude,

    Might have to pick your brains, I want to do something similar with ER6n.

    BTW: the appropriate authorities have been notified of your LAMS misdemeanour.
  11. Less for me, my brother had the material lying around, so my cost is electricity bill.. I use more on my PS3 :)

    Nice bike you have too, Fender emilinators look unbelievable on R6's and GSXR600's.
  12. I suggest you get small LED blinkers as well... I will post pictures of mine.
    PS.: My fender eliminator is Home made as well.
  13. Yeah that look kool, seen em on a R6. Would look better but im not fussed, looks so much better than before.

    Good stuff, nice to see people are constructive and can make something soo simple.
    Get sum pics up for sure.
  14. have a look in my video(in the signature) that's a camera mount I made at home as well :grin: