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my ouch

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by billyj, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. well sunday afternoon at arond 1:30 i was having a nice relaxing ride along the gor just approaching skenes creek.

    coming into a rh bend at approx 75km/h my rear end became unsettteled so i applied a small amount of rear brake to correct it but unfortunetly it locked and sent me straight into the gurad rail, upon hitting the rail i parted company with the bike and tumbled about 4 meters through the scrub down the hill.

    the result it that im writing this from my bed at the alfred hospital
    i have broken my left femur in approx 6 places and have had a rod inserted to hold it straight, i have to go back into surgery on monday to have the vacume dressing removed and the wound closed completely.

    id like to thank the passer bys that called the ambulance for me and my good mate that stayed with the bike until my farther arrived to get it.

    would also like to thank the paramedics and ari ambulance crew for making my journey back to melbourne as comfortabl as possible. and the doctors/nurses here at the alfred

    as for the bike i havent actually seen it my self( just some photos) but found out today from the insurance co that with over 6k in damage its a write off

    and one last thing that im sure all noobies have heard before, wear all of the proctective gear its there for a good reason and i know that without mine i would be in much worse shape at the moment if not dead

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery mate.
    What is the advisory speed for that corner?
  3. Ouch is certainly the word for it! I hope you heal up quickly, and you are right - it could have been much worse.

    What gear were you wearing? And how did it hold up? Obviously, body armour can only do so much, and in a major off it won't stop you breaking a bone or two. But as you said, without it you would be in pretty bad shape right now.

    How tight was the bend? I know the GOR is an 80 zone now, but some of those corners are deceptively tight.
  4. dont recall seeing an advisory speed but it was a 80km/h zone
  5. ouch indeed.

    Get better soon .
  6. I think ouch is an understatement.

    May you recover as quickly as that corner went pear shaped ;)
  7. Have a speedy successful recovery.
  8. Six places on the femur? That's a fair effort.

    Femur breaks: The domain of skydivers and motorcyclists for many years. May you sign the guest book and never make another entry.

    Heal fast, amigo.
  9. sorry to hear this and wishing you a quick recovery.
  10. Heal up quick mate!!!
  11. wow billy, that's quite a blow you took there...best you rest up for a bit huh.
    hope you've got someone who can bring in some decent meals for you (do not eat the stinky fish)...food and conditions will improve when they ship you of to a rehab center...you got the best surgeons in the world at the Alfred though...enjoy the morphine and don't forget to ask any young nurses to check out your genitals, just to make sure alls well down there...good rotation of young student nurses there, very compliant...rehab nurses are tough old broads though, tend to man handle you a lot and demand respect.
    ...and talk to anyone who will listen about your ordeal, just helps to talk about it.
  12. ^ wot he sed.
  13. hope you recover quickly
  14. good luck with the next operation mate :)

    kind of cool they have internet access at the hospital for patients
  15. show us the corner on google maps? :eek:

    what bad timing too! right at the beginning of summer! that sucks

    heal up quick!
  16. +2, all the best and get back on your bike ASAP

  17. dont think they do, im on my laptop with wireless internet
  18. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwch. Heal quickly.

    ...see why I have rear brake tanty's on these forums... sigh.
  19. Ouch! Heal well. Pics?

    6 breaks of the femur?

    Any news on recovery time and any potential mobility loss after some rehab? I don't mean to be a downer and hope you're back to 100% soon.
  20. Oh man, 6 places !! Heal well, heal fast and meanwhile dont forget what its like to ride when things go right!

    Ask em for heaps of valium and you might not care .. you might even enjoy it :LOL: