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My other new baby, is FINISHED, no crashed...........!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by removed-6, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Needs a little TLC, but will be a weapon when I get her on the track :twisted:



    Should be a fun few weeks getting her going. :grin:
  2. Fantastic mate! Well done! :grin:

    Where/when did you pick her up?
  3. Well that'll be easy to fit a front-number-plate to...

    Do you know it's history?

    I notice the rear isn't centred over the middle of the tyre... decent stack.
  4. Few weeks?? :shock:
    You got months of sleepless nights and your garden to tend to mate :p :p

    :shock: What was I thinking .. you DO have your priorities right :wink:

    Looks Good m8
  5. How much did that set you back?
  6. Never mind that Loz bloke; always sticking his browneye into other folks business. You will have fun repairing that thing.
  7. That thing has some cool low clip ons :LOL:
    Right colours too. Nice pick up.
  8. used to be good buying wrecks , good mony to be made, you could get them for nicks, hope it comes good for you !
  9. mmm that is a nice bent swingarm or rear subframe. buggered if i know which, but something is!

    should be fun to get it into track condition, then even more fun one the track :twisted:

    enjoy :grin:
  10. just the angle of the camera mate. :wink:
  11. It's all coming together nicely now, only have two things I need to get now(key and one front brake disc) to be all done and ready to thrash as hard as my pitiful ability will allow me. :grin:
  12. Would have been super sweet as a converted street fighter :)
  13. how much did you have to pay to get the wreck
  14. What I consider ridiculously cheap! And I'm tight :wink:
  15. Spit it out, ya cagey bugger!
  16. But then I can't charge a premium when I sell it! :wink: :p

    It'll be ready on the track for $10k :grin:

  17. how much was the wheelbarrow in the background, mark?
  18. Inherited it from my Dad!

    We usually plant vege's in it. :)
  19. Work's just about all done, and ready for a shakedown at PI on Mon/Tue.
    Can't wait! Here's a couple of crappy pics......


    Will do my three days this week(Broadford on Friday :grin: ) then I need to be domestic for a month, so I will get the paint done then.