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my orange juice is bubbling :|

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. so im thirsty.
    i go to the fridge, looking for OJ.
    all we have is some Berri 'Creations: morning up'n'go juice"
    read the ingredients and its OJ, pineapple, mango, passionfruit, all that.
    the thing is, the plastic container is swollen and pressurised.
    so i open it and it fizzes and froths up.

    now, i remeber seeing this container outside for a couple of days, in the sun i think. my brother brought it back from camping or i dont know where.
    i pour myself a glass once it has calmed down, have a sip, and its farking carbonated :shock:
    well it bloody seems like it. not listed on the container as carbonated, but i think it's fermented that much that it has a fair CO2 store in it now :shock:

    yummy :?

  2. probably turned into alcohol :shock:
  3. :LOL: if that's happened, and nib's goes for a ride, he could loose his licence for a while more :LOL: ;)
  4. OJ doesn't go off, it gets a hell of a lot more acidic. Not sure of the other stuff though, I'd assume it would. I wouldn't of drunk it impo.
  5. i would scull it and stand next to the toilet for a few minutes to see how you go
    if you survive, get the bottle stuffed and mounted on your wall as a sign of your manliness

    if you die in a horrible pool of gastrointestinal fluid then... get someone to post on NR so we know not to do similarly
  6. There are yeasts everywhere in the atmosphere. Once opened, you expose your bottle of lovely sugary juice. Apple juice is a great one for that.

    How do you think beer and cider were invented?

    In the end, fermentation of things was encouraged because it is safe to drink when found water may not be. You won't die.
  7. You haven't lived in a share house, have you?
  8. Yep, it's definitely fermented. There's actually an Australian company that sells special bottle caps which let the CO2 escape so you can intentionally ferment bottled fruit juice. It works because instead of adding preservatives juice is heat treated and sealed - but as soon as you tear off that foil seal yeast will start growing in it (if it's warm enough).

    Now that you've vented the gas stick it back out in the sun, see if you can get the alcohol content up a bit higher ;).
  9. a friend of mine whos a professional beer maker, enters them in competitions, made some orange flavoured beer. tasted amazing. of course i went home and tried to reproduce it in my own beer tank and it tasted like something you scrub the floor with. preparation is key
  10. Your bro didn't keep it in an esky full of dry ice while they were camping did they? That'll carbonate everything in there. Ever tried fizzy milk? It's a rude shock.
  11. :LOL:

    We found it took about 3 months for the longlife stuff to get a crust in a warm fridge haha
  12. Stop using OJ in your bong!
  13. I worked for Berri Fruit Juices many years ago (when they were still based in Berri SA.)

    When the "long life" pasteurised juice was first introduced they had a few problems with it if it got hot. I think the very first truck load sent to Sydney started exploding somewhere around Hay. :LOL:

    BFJ wasn't a bad place to work back then - the laboratory was next to the computer centre and they'd often drop in with some prospective new product samples for people to try. Some interesting combinations never actually made it to market (usually for a good reason). The place always smelt good too, very pleasant citrus smell.

    Another thing about the place was the number of snakes around - lots of stacked wooden pallets, drums etc for them to hide in. A couple of times we found a tiger snake in the computer room and I suspect that some ended up in the juice when the oranges were delivered as well. Certainly there was a story told about a cat that was on one of the trucks that got tipped into the bins with a load of grapefruit and was never seen again... :LOL:
  14. hmmm, bottled pussy juice... :-w
  15. This kind of 'naturally fermented' stuff always worries me a bit, 'cos if yeast have grown in the bottle what else might have? I mean, in home brewing, sterilisation is pretty crucial. And who knows if your brother was sculling from the bottle (and backwashing) while out camping?
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  17. Being a fungus yeast is pretty good at killing off any bacteria that might be in there. And if you get any other fungi growing you'll usually know about it from the taste.
    There's not many bacteria that are resistant enough to the yeasts antibiotics to be able to compete. Adding hops makes it even more difficult for them, which is why they were added to beer long before sterilisation was possible.
  18. i once opened pne of those little cartoned orange juice containerse (pass use by date- i realised after) and OJ definetly does go off . . .
  19. Having watched the local parrots get reeling drunk on the products of my sadly neglected apricot tree, with no apparent lasting ill effects (apart from a tendency to fly sideways and perch upside down), I'd say "naturally fermented" is probably OK.

    BTW, proper cider (bought by the unlabelled gallon can at the farm gate and looking like the rather cloudy and unhealthy specimens you'll be producing if you drink the stuff long term, not the fizzy, apple juice pop sold here as such) involves a lump of meat in the fermentation process. In early ciderhouses, rats in the roof beams would be affected by the fumes from the open vats and would fall in. Not being able to get the quality rats these days, the more traditional (and less harassed by nosey public hygeine officials :grin: ) producers use a bit of mutton instead.