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my opinions on pirelli dragon gts tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Androo, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. my impression on these tyres:

    control: good handling, no probs with dry or wet grip, warm up quickly etc. I find they're a bit slower on turn-in then the bridgestones I had before them.

    wear: bad! after about 3000kms I'm getting low on the tyre edges, probably another 1000 to go :( wear in the middle still has plenty. (front and rear have similar wear patterns)

    these are a "SPORT-touring" tyre, so I kinda expected better wear... I got like 8000 out of the bridgestones, and they were road-race compound :?

    can anyone recommend a tyre with good handling and good wear?
  2. What bike are you riding man? If its a big bore and you want quicker turn in i suggest using a 180 rear instead of the 190s,my gixxer turns in noticably quicker with the 180s but you do sacrifice a bit of hi speed stability.Personally,i will never sacrifice grip for wear mate,and will always go a road/race compound tyre,but thats me! :p
  3. actually its a yzf600r (120 front/160 rear) :)

    I agree about grip over wear, but I reckon these were particularly bad :(

    which tyres do you use on the gix and how long do they usually last?
  4. What width is the rear rim on a thunderpuss? Id look at maybe steppinf up to a bigger tyre. Altho I doubt with a 160 it'd have a 5inch rear rim which is about minimum for a 180. A 180 might also not fit the swingarm. A 180 would make it turn a bit slower but you would have loads more grip and get much better wear out of them. A 180 would also allow you to get your hands on better rubber.
  5. Ah,cool mate.Well atm im using Metzeler Rennsports mate,love 'em too! But it helps i got them for nothing off a 'track day mad' mate of mine! I'll be happy to get 4000ks out em mate,but i doubt it! :p Maybe its just me,but everyone here seems to get a lot of ks out of RR tyres.If i get 4-5000k mate,im happy as larry! :p My buddy who rides a warmed up 'Busa only gets 2,000ks out of a rear! :eek: But hes friggin completely insane too! Not to many people pass me on the outside of a corner with a pillion on the back of their bike when im doin 290ks!! :p
  6. geez! some people :p

    pity I cant afford to replace my tyres 3-4 times a year :D
  7. LOL! :LOL: Just work 2 jobs!!lol! :LOL: :p OR,find a mate who loves track days and uses tyres for a few laps then needs to get rid of them! I've been getting near new tyres for nought or $100 a set depending on condition. :p 8)

    Edit: I just remembed Johnny O gave me a good idea Friday night,get some slicks and groove them,cheaper than RR tyres and grip better! :p
  8. gixxersrule - that'd be nice, but I dont think many people do track days with my tyre size :?
  9. LOL! :LOL: True man, but ill ask my mate if he knows about any small tyres about for ya,there is another place he used to get ex track day tyres from so he might know something. :p
  10. You could also try GPR70's. Awesome tyre and I think they come in a 160. About the best tyre money can buy for 250's, 400's.
  11. hmm looks like the GPR70 doesnt have a 120/60 front for me :( but I suppose I could put a 120/70 on :p

    they are a bit cheaper though arent they :)
  12. I use to use a rear GTS pirelli on my TLR, and some of the people from netrider use to see how i rode that TLR (specially on 6 peaks ride a few years ago) Best i got was 9000km's out of a rear on them, that is with alot of commuting, 450-700km sunday rides, etc I also got 8000km's out of a rear supercorsa on the TLR. The big thing that i have learnt with rear tyres is that how you control your throttle, goes along way in how you wear your rear tyre out..

    If i had a GTS on my R1, i would get 10000km's or more out of a rear quite easily.. at the moment with the rear Diablo, i get between 8000-9500km's, I must admin though, that i dont do as many hard and long K's on a sunday ride now.
  13. The 120/70 wouldnt hurt. Ud need to drop your bars thru ur triple clamps just a bit to keep steering angle as it should be. Apart from that you would probably find a 70 would give just a little more front end grip as it will deform more in corners and give a slightly bigger contact patch.
  14. You could try a Shinko. Ive just clocked up 23 and a half thousand on my 600 never had any problem with lack of grip wet or dry, and i'm running the harder 009 if you want softer there is the 005 or softer again 003
  15. I have had absolutely no luck getting shinko tyres!

    pablos made up some bs about they cant get them :? even though their web site said they can get all types of tyres from anywhere in the world

    everywhere else said they dont stock em :eek:
  16. Id be interested in trying the shinkos too.
  17. I think A1 motorcycles are the one's who can supply them. :wink:

    Try them a try.......
  18. Try "Treads and Things" in Ringwood mate,next to Peter Stevens service dept. round back.They have them :p Top blokes though and definately recommend them. :p
  19. thanks guys, I'll give em a call when these tyres run out :D

    (should I be wary about them being near a peter stevens? :p)
  20. Ok here goes hope this is to your higher standards.

    NOTE to All Mods
    I am in no way connected to shinko tyres, either wholesale or retail.

    I currently have a shinko 009 on the rear of my 96 bandit 600, not standard. The tyre has lasted 23 and a half thousand k's. ( And yes indeed it is in need of replacement )
    A quick break down of the useage would be as follows
    65% work related as a motorcycle courier ( Murder on tyres all straightline traffic light to traffic light blasting, and hard braking shocking for wearing the centre line out)
    30% sports touring.
    5%hooning it up

    It has only let go once, I was hooning it up and was not a problem and the resulting powerslide was very controlable
    This tyre has not suffered from cold shreding nor has it suffered from high temperture ball up. I have pushed this tyre to the bikes and riders abilty, ref ( monaro enima about this time last year ) This tyre grips as good as any I have tried in the past, in fact the weak link is the MEZ4 on the front (WHY cause shinko don't make a 110/60/17 front.)

    The only other tyre I have managed to get this sort of mileage out of was the old marathon, hmmm just to mention that tyre send shivers up my spine. I got 28 thousand out of one of them, on an fj1200 but it didnt grip and in the wet was just fun (NOT) tyre useage as follows
    80% courier
    20% sports touring

    Now we all know the bandit aint a sports bike, or is it a wolf in sheeps clothing. Never mind. But the fact is and I am not blowing my own horn about how good a rider I may or may not be. But I seem to have no problems staying with what are made out to be pure sports bikes ridden by people I consider as good above average riders, that are fitted with so called sports tyres, that at the end of the ride are balling up, and are stuffed tyres after less than 7 thousand k's

    Oh yes, I forgot, I did bin it about 6 months back, And I state the front end went first, and in a desiel slick, so it dont really matter what tyre your on, if your trying to take a right hand 90 degree corner, in the middle of a desiel spill. :evil: