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My 'one in a million' lucky escape.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Flylo, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I was riding north, down Glenferrie rd in Hawthorn. The road has two lanes in each direction, with tram lines running in the right lane, both ways. Parking is allowed, and cars take up half the lane on the left, so generally you drive/ride in the right hand lane.

    I was riding an xt600, which if you don't know is a road/trail type bike. Anyone who has ridden one will know they don't have great brakes. Pulling the brake lever to the bars was a normal occurance when riding them.

    Anyway, I was in the right lane between the tram lines, as that was the best position for my buffer zone. I spotted a car pulling out of a 7/11 on the left of me. The car was pulling out of the driveway behind a parked car, and with oncoming traffic I thought the car might be initially pulling out to their left, in the same direction I was going. Wrong! The car decided that everyone was going to stop for it! I had already started braking, as I ride covering my brakes nearly all the time. As I was applying maxium brake , I knew I wasn't going to pull up in time and started looking for an escape.

    The trouble was the car was still moving, and dodging a moving object is hard, because you really don't have somewhere to focus an escape, because that escape route could have the car blocking that in a second. I was still betweem the tram lines and didn't want to cross them while braking, for obivous reasons, but the biggest is I didn't want to go sliding down the road into a solid object. So the bike is completely straight and braking heavily.

    The driver finally sees me and stops. There it is! My escape route. I was lined up for the bonnet, and worse senario, prepared myself to go over it. But, as soon as the car stopped, I was off the brakes, and aiming to go around the front. As I was on a bike with high handlebars, I didn't want to try and clear the bonnet and leave my legs slamming against the bars and breaking them. So, at the last split second I jumped of the pegs, bringing my legs up as high as I could. I had actually done enough to get past the front of the car, but while I was going past, doing handstands on my bike, I felt the bike wobble, from rubbing up against the front of the car. I landed back on the seat, and couldn't believe it. I had made it! If I hadn't of lifted my legs, I surely would have broken my left leg, and maybe slid into oncoming traffic.

    I collected my thoughts, and noticed the oncoming traffic had stopped with a combination of shocked looks on the drivers faces. They probably were thinking I was some circus act for the road, more likely 'how the hell did he make that?'. I turned around and just pointed to the driver to reverse back into the 7/11. I then noticed it was a young girl on P plates. She gave me the usual smidsy while I took a rest for a couple of minutes to calm my nerves. I then just explained that's what everyone says when they hit me, and just to look out for riders.

    If I was in the exactly same situation, I don't think I could pull off such a close call again. That feeling of holding the handlebars while my body is in the air, and the bike moving underneath me from rubbing the front of a car, would be hard to duplicate, in a non controlled enviroment anyway...
  2. Firstly congrats on saving your skin!!
    Secondly much damage to your bike?
    I would hit her with the highest of bills as a lesson, if contested have her booked for dangerous driving!! [if you had witnesses]
    Kids behind the wheel of a metal box not looking? Put them on a bike and let them feel how dangerous life is on the two wheels!!
  3. Well done mate, you live to fight another day. I live right near glenferrie road and its a shocker. Try and avoid it on the bike. No-one is concentrating.
  4. I would have put my padded gloves through its mirror gently sending the glass everywhere, they need to learn,even if its the hard way,were not a joke or a object which 90% of the time they do see us.
  5. Thanks guys.
    goddie, I think the passenger peg was hit, but I'm not sure, as the bike was already scratched up a bit before the incident, so I never bothered with chasing her for few dollars. As for a fine, I think she was shaken up enough to learn from the lesson. If she had of started yelling abuse at me for speeding, or some other bullshait excuse as to why she nearly collected me, then I would have gone to town on her.
  6. Nice save.

    What do you think you will do differently from now on after this near miss?
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    Nice save, glad you're ok :)
  8. guys, please, everyone knows that hot chicks don't smidsy us because they're always ****ing one of us.
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  9. Road/trail bikes, in general, require some modification in the front brake area (if they need it) to make them safer on the road, even if it's just sintered pads and braided lines. They just don't pull up hard enough for my liking, well the XT doesn't.
  10. i think its called the KISS OF DEATH
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  11. Was thinking more along the lines of what's going to change about the way you think about your suburban riding, or what strategies you might employ from now on, or what you might not do from now on etc etc.
  12. Think I know the 7/11 your talking about, down near Burwood rd, anyway whenever I ride past there I just start stopping by default. There are at elast three big problems there.

    1 - The servo, people don't look when they pull out.
    2 - People jump straight over that part of Glenferrie without slowing, on at least two occasions I've almost been cleaned up there in my car.
    3 - The surface is less than idea, tram tracks, old road, recent works done etc etc etc.

    Absolute shocker.
  13. lol a few weeks ago in that exact same spot i saw a woman coming out of the sidestreet in a brand new looking mercedes. i was in the right lane and traffic was banked up in both lanes and she thought she could squeeze into a gap, but ended up driving straight into the back of a nissan navara's tray!! it was the stupidest thing i had ever seen she was nowhere near going to fit and just crashed straight into him.
  14. Glenferrie rd Hawthorn is terrible. Muppet central. I avoid it like the plague. Well done on your circus act :)
  15. Umm... I'm thinking about doing a gymnastics course! Nah, the only thing I should have been doing differently is, although I was doing the speed limit, slowed down a bit earlier...

    That's the one
    Not surprised...haha
    Yep. Thanks.

    And Kingy...not quite that, but maybe after my gymnastic lessons.
  16. Hmmm, well that might work, but doesn't really sound like a change that's going to help you avoid incidents like this in the future. Just saying that but for a bit of luck, you were almost a statistic - so you've been given a golden opportunity to see how you and your riding may have contributed to the incident and if you could swing the odds back into your favour if there was something you could change.

    So a couple of questions for you:

    Next time you see the 7-11 signage off in the distance, given what you know about drivers at 7-11's will you approach the same way?

    Next time you see this particular 7-11 sign off in the distance, given what you know about 7-11's and the particular logistics of the road and cars around this 7-11, will you approach in the same way?

  17. Ummm....everytime I see a 7-11 in the distance, I'll pull into it and get a slurpee, rather than riding past and getting involved in an accident???
    I don't know where you are going with this, but slowing down earlier would have been the best option. If I was riding the blade in the same circumstances, I would have pulled up short, shaken my head, and kept on going.
  18. ...so this was a one in a million driver pulling out onto the road without looking?

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  19. It's one in a million, because I don't think I could duplicate how close I actually got to having an off. I've had plenty of people pull out in front of me, and except for one over 20 years ago where I was new to riding and didn't see the signs soon enough and ended up slaming into the drivers door (old lady doing a u-turn) , I've had an excellent success rate in avoiding accidents. I was anticipating the car in my OP to pull out. That's why I was already on the brakes. But what fooled me was the fact there was oncoming traffic and there wasn't a gap to pull into. It was as though she looked my way, couldn't see anything (or didn't look at all), and then procceded to move to the centre of the road and wait for the oncoming traffic to either stop (which is what they did), or wait for a gap. If I hadn't of been covering my brakes, and braked a split second later, you could only imagine what would have happened.