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My on-board hotlap of Mallala (video)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 7THSIN, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. #1 7THSIN, Oct 17, 2006
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    Here's a hotlap of Mallala Motorsport Park, SA.

    Filmed last Sunday 15/10/06 on-board a 2002 GSXR-600.


  2. Good job.

    I got a question about YouTube though. What are you doing to get such a decent picture quality? i.e. what is the format/size/encoding quality of the original file that you uploaded.

    I just start playing with youtube and the vids looks like shite once uploaded, despite looking extremely crisp and clear in the original format.
  3. I used plain ol Windows Movie Maker to edit the raw footage with, and saved the files in 640x480 in wmv format. Youtube changes them again once you upload them, but im not sure why it came out clear? I've never had a problem with fuzzy videos on youtube before?
  4. I think the 640x480 may be the trick. I uploaded as 320x240, with pretty crisp quality, and it came out blockier than lego. It almost looked like their encoder block size was disagreeing with XviD/DivX (I tried both) and vomited a duplo image.

    I'll try re-encoding with 640x480 in Quicktime, and see how it goes.
  5. There's something about YouTube's compression algorithm that can lead to very grainy/pixelly video. Not sure what solutions have been found in terms of codecs, initial formats and so on, but certainly some people seem to be able to keep their stuff looking great on there.
  6. nice work, video looks great
    sound was a little quiet...but i just turned it up louder! lol
  7. Hey guys,
    what camera setup are you all using?
    I've just got my vid camera and trying to decide if i should go with a camera mount or a helmet camera.
    any info and suggestions would be much appreciated.
  8. The sound is quiet because the microphone was stuffed, it works for a split second as I come out from Turn 6 then goes quiet again.

    I used a Sony? bullet cam from ebay and a 256mb solid-state AV recorder all tucked under the tail.
  9. May i ask which bullet cam you got? or even which ebay seller you used?

    There seem to be quite a few and i am highly suspicious of everyone on ebay :twisted:
  10. sorry to be a pain in the butt 7TH, but just wondering if a 480 line bullet camera is sufficiuent?

  11. 480 line is NTSC TV quality. It's what my own little camera is, and it's great for picture clarity in full quality mode.
  12. I dont get this NTSC vs PAL thing.

    I have a panasonic DV camera. I got it here, so i assume it is PAL. correct?

    basically i just want to know what bullet camera i need to get.
    i gather from what you said in your reply that the bullet cam i mentioned should be fine. is that right?

    (excuse my ignorance, i have really got no idea when it comes to cameras).
  13. NTSC = 30 frames a second, in countries that run 110V 60hertz electricity you will find NTSC is the standard. Divide the hertz in half and you get 30, therefore 30 frames a second.

    PAL - 25 frames per second, Australia is 240V 50hertz, 1/2 the hertz - 25, therefore 25 frames a second.

    Hope that confused you some :)
  14. Also:

    NTSC = 720x480 (x 30fps - although technically it's really 29.97fps)
    PAL = 720x576 (x 25fps)

    In standard TV broadcast terms, what you see on screen is in 4:3 ratio, meaning that you really only see 640x480 on an NTSC TV, with the additional 40 columns on each side chopped off. Incidentally you may (or may not) have seen various USA forensic shows which make reference to accessing images just off the edge of the TV image by accessing the raw NTSC format data on some security video tape feed, and this is what they're referring to.

    In any event, just check that your video camera can accept NTSC input video format (480 lines). Almost every single piece of modern PAL video equipment does since PAL can inherently accommodate NTSC's video image size, and typically modern video hardware will either convert to PAL on the fly, or just work directly with NTSC internally and just spit out a PAL format signal on playback.

    Hope that clears the issue somewhat, rather than clouding it.
  15. Hey, that didn't scare the shit out of me. I must be getting used to this riding fast on a bike thing!

    Nice run. A pity about the position of the sun. I'm not familiar with Mallala, but it looks like it has nice race lines. A couple of wide lines and early braking, but pretty damn good. Well done.
  16. oooohhhhhhhhhhh.
  17. Tell me where does one purchase one of these solid state AV recorders? Only one I saw on ebay was a Marantz ~$1500 :shock: surely you're not chucking that in the tail of your bike?
  18. Guys to be honest I have no-idea, all the camera stuff belongs to a friend of mine who set it all up, I just did the riding.

    The solid state recorder was 90 bucks I know that much.
  19. Hehe, I was leaning with you while watching that... and now everyone in the office thinks I'm crazy :p
  20. Do you reckon you could check with your friend? That's pretty darn cheap and I'm sure loads of people would go for that setup, especially given the quality of the video you got.