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My old ride! 1947 BSA

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by TRA, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. So I picked up this old girl last night. Its pretty much complete, jsut missing tool case, speedo cable and front guard stays. Its mostly original, with a few odd changes like the seat and saddle bags. It is in running condition, but the tank has some minor rust in that I want to repair, and I want to give it an oil change before I start it.

    If you know a good mechanic in Brisbane that can give the engine a once over and do a saftey let me know.



  2. What is it about old bikes that make you stare?
    Nice one TRA.
  3. Awesome dude, nice find!
    I could live with something like that in my loungeroom...
  4. oh man, that is gorgeous! nice find, have fun with it.
  5. Beautiful.
  6. That looks great! Looks in great condition.
  7. Gorgeous bike mate! Especially like the dirty red seat and saddlebags
  8. Niceeeee! Love the saddlebags. Do they need leather conditioner treatment?
  9. They dont make them like they used to, verrre nice, congrats
  10. That is one good looking bike. I'd love to own something like that one day.

    Not sure where you live, but Pat's Motorcycles at Wynnum might be able to have a look at it.


    I haven't used him ( he's down the road from my house ), but a mate has with his old custom Harley. It's a small shop i.e. just him. You could try giving him a call.
  11. Might want to dechrome that oil tank. It's non-original and, more importantly, will make the oil run hotter than it should.

    Nice though :).
  12. There is a bit of chrome on there that should not be there. The rear part of the frame, the tail light. I believe that there was a nickel shortage at around that time, so chrome was rare.

    One thing I cant figure out, is how the fuel tank should be. I have seen photos of painted chrome on C11's that age, but it kinda goes against what would be expected at that time.
  13. I'll swap the across for it.

    But if not, that is what i call a bike. Absolute stunner.