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My old man stacked my bike :O

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Conny!, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. I live in melbourne, but my KLX 250 resides in Darwin at my parents place. I bought it over christmas for transport for when i work up there. Cheap to run, and really cheap rego.

    I asked my old man to turn it over every now and then. Then i get a call from my mother saying he has been riding it around in the backyard.

    And then today i here that over the weekend he took it out bush with a friend. And he dropped it. Apparently he flipped over it and it landed on him. He is fine, just bruised arm and leg. But his enthusiasm is peaking. He told me he is going to get his learners this week.

    hehe, i got my 53 year old father into bikes.... Apparently he is copping it at work.

    Oh, and the bike is ok. It basically a beat up old dirt bike any who.
  2. Back when i used to race motor x (many years ago), my old man took my brand new just run in RM for a run up the street.
    Hear him take off 1st in too 2nd, then 3rd then powerband then CRASH.
    Flipped it broke rear guard tore seat. I was not a happy camper
    anyway cant get him to go near any of my bike since.
    Been trying to get him to ride the 12 but he refuses
    oh well i guess that its not a bad thing
  3. ..... Did the enforcers post get deleted??

    Whats going on? Is there gremlins in the system.

    Well it seems my Dad is keen as mustard to be able to ride legally. He said he was having a good time. Then he stacked and he kept riding for a while, just a bit slower.
  4. At least he's ok and having fun. :grin:
  5. Well my old man apparently hurt himself more in the stack than he told me. And his knee has now finally gotten back to normal size.

    But he has now booked himself in for a learners course at the end of April so he can learn how to ride properly.

    Go Dad!
  6. Thats great! I too gave my dad the biking bug. Now he's got himself a 200cc scooter!

    -sigh- They grow up so fast!!!!! -sigh- sob- :LOL: :LOL:
  7. :LOL: at Yammychick!!!

    Hey Seany, you missed an opportunity to tell the new people about YOUR dad and your bike :grin:

  8. lmao ............ my ol man did exactly the same thing on my new RM 250 b ... worse still he was a rider but only ever had vintage trumpys... so the suzies power wes a lil alien to him
  9. My dear old Daddy turns 80 next year. Every year he does the big tour to visit myself and my brother and assorted Grandkids, cousins etc. He always takes his helmet and leathers so that he can ride our bikes. He can barely touch the ground on my bike, so he always pulls up next to something he can stand on. I don't think that he'll ever stop riding.
  10. Conny, good on your Dad. I did the local METAL course & had a ball. Big cross section of students from 16y/o's to greybeards. The instructors are a great bunch and good fun while maintaining focus on the skills/safety aspect.