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My Old Bike being used in Ebay Scam

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Takamii, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Have a look here


    The pictures are my own that I used in my original advert ( my ute in background)

    This is my old R1 I sold in June last year that was then stolen from the new owner and written off about 6 weeks later

    Someone was taken by this same scam in july last year - the cops showed up at my place thinking I was the scammer because the ute rego in the back ground of pic because the dumb ****er thought he bought it for 3 grand and sent money by western union to UK to pay for it
  2. Pehaps we should start a bidding war on it get it up to 100,000 dollars

    actually will advise fraud squad tomorrow
  3. Have you advised ebay that its a scam???
  4. My brother's VFR was sold on eBay after being written off (but that was before October '10 when it became illegal to repair a write-off)

    tell eBay, they were very co-operative.....
  5. isn't this the 2nd time it's been used this way?
  6. it is - maybe I should have kept that bike
  7. Notice the "seller" has a feedback rating of zero. You'd have to be a bit stupid to buy a big ticket item sight unseen from such a seller. Still fraud though!
  8. How could you not trust a seller in Australia, it's such a nice part of Australia. :)
  9. some ones put a bid on it
  10. aha - now it has been removed
  11. Damn, I was just typing an email to the seller - I wanted to buy it as a surprise present for my brother-in-law, but was having trouble working out how I'd collect it seeing as I'm on an oil rig in the middle of Afghanistan right now...
  12. Are you stalking your old bike by any chance?
  13. Someone bought a big ticket item from me sight unseen when I had zero feedback and sent a lovely follow-up letter thanking me. :p

    Oh man. Justice would never have been so sweet....
  15. You should have, and sold it on eBay once a year. I wouldn't scoff at an annual injection of $3k.
  16. :rofl:
  17. So they should too, they probably were having second thoughts after they transferred the cash and were overjoyed to find you were an honest seller!