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my off!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by abvc, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. i can't remember what happen. it was in the noon at reefton. the dmg is a fractured thumb... lukily not serious... pretty bad dmg on my jacket's shoulder pad. alpinestars saved the day. pretty bad on the helmet as well!! can i recommed a shoei :grin: i think a rider called the ambulance for me.. thank you whoever he is!! i'm wondering what really happen, if somebody was at the scene i would be grateful to know! and how to find my (baby)bike?

    ps: i had dmg to my boot as well. i think it was dragged. the leather stich opened a bit on the thumb section of right feet. my ankle has a forced mark on it. probably it's the ankle protection pushed my ankle.

    the helmet had adeep grazed on the right side. some road rash on the chin area... pretty scary really. can't imagine without it. the visor while the outside is graced off, the inside is still smooth!!! top!!

    my pant had a hole on right knee. luckily i wore a long john. it protected abit.

    all gears are alpinestars... :grin:
  2. Bugger mate, hope the healing is fast. Can't remember anything at all? :shock: :shock:
  3. Damn, mate, sorry to hear. Hope you heal up quick and get back on the road soon.
  4. The coppers will know where your bike is.
    They would have authorised its transport somewhere.

    Bad luck mate. Get well soon.
  5. Eeek... glad you're ok. Sounds like your gear saved you a lot. Let us know how it goes with your bike.
  6. damn mate hope you heal up quickly :)
  7. well said! it saved me from much worse grieves. i wish i didn;t broke my thumb.
  8. yeah found it in my wallet! a local dude saved me and my bike...
  9. If you can't remember what happened it must have been a really big accident. Thank goodness you were wearing all your gear as it would have been so much worse. It sucks though about your bike and the fact your gear is all messed up but it saved you from being really messed up.

    Hope you heal fast. If the bike is a write off will you get another GPX or another 250cc or wait until you are off restrictions?

    Can you take some pics of your bike and the damage to your gear?
  10. Bugger mate! Sounds like u had some good gear though, make sure u get some more when everything is sorted out :)
  11. a local saved me. really thank him for the help. his voice & face is very similar with Chris Vermuelen. I got my bike sent to my home as welll.... can't believe we both made it.
  12. i was told the bike might have flipped!. upon inspection the rear brake lever was totally bent backward, the front brake reservoir's top was graced! the bike might have flipped? the guy said. right exhaust's bottom pipe was bent inside, left pipe pushed to the wheel.

    he said when he found me I and the bike was looking up, with me at the left side of the road and the bike on the right?. the engine, frame looks ok! while no scratch on the fairing~!

    so i guess... new pipe can, check/change swingarm, & fix front fork...

    there were 4 accidents within an hour (inc. me), 2 at top, 1 at bottom
  13. Thats why i dont like reefton!!!

    Sorry to hear about the spill. hope u pull up ok. It sounds pretty bad, Ur pretty lucky u get away with just a broken thumb.
  14. Glad to hear your OK, bikes can be fixed / replaced. You can't be replaced.

    Hopefully you get back in the saddle in the near future.

    Lucky you were wearing your gear, it would be a much slower recovery if half of your arm was still back at the scene on the bitumen.
  15. Bad luck mate and hope it all comes good for you
  16. :shock:
    Hope it all works out for you.