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My off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rusti_GotRage, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. #1 Rusti_GotRage, Mar 6, 2011
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    Rusti's off...

    Well.. it finally happened.

    And ouch!

    Still at the scene... will post more when I get home, but extremely little damage to the bike, but I've done something to my right knee...

    Gonna see if I can ride her home....

    More later...
  2. gees mate, hope you pull up ok!
  3. :eek:

    hope your knee is okay! i remember my wrist, it hurt a little that night, and could still ride. the next day it was in agony! :( didn't heal properly for 3 months.

    take care of yourself!
  4. Go easy big man! Look after yourself.
  5. Ouch. My first was similar, hardly damaged the bike, but my knee was sore. Of course I was running on adrenalin until i got home and then too tired to notice until the next day. Patched the scrapes (Mostly burn from the kevlar in my draggins) but they were pretty sensitive for weeks after.
  6. my first off was after a car u turned infront of me and had me not riding for almost 4 months... hope your not too long off your bike and riding....
  7. Sorry to hear. Make sure you get that knee checked out, especially if you notice any swelling.
  8. #8 Rusti_GotRage, Mar 6, 2011
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    Taking a rest break on the way home @ Winchelsea.

    Near as I can figure it, I did two things wrong. I may have been a bit too hot going into the right hand bend, and I got F***ing target fixation on the ditch and talked myself out of the corner.

    All I had to do was push right and commit to the corner but for some idiot reason I just went straight.

    Braked before I left the road. ResmeN (who was behind me) tells me I started to fall to the front and left, possibly due to locking the front wheel, I don't recall. ResmeN also tells me I managed to pull the bike back to the right at the last moment, before power vaulting away from the falling bike on my right leg.

    I think I put my right leg out to 'step off' the falling bike and I vividly recall hearing/feeling my right knee go "POP" as I went away at speed from the bike.

    ResmeN was there in moments. I'd just had enough time to pull off my gloves, helmet and ear plugs before he reached me. Didn't hit my head. Landed (mostly) in loose brush, as did the bike.

    Two cagers passing by stopped to help, and we received offers from about three others. My first comments to Resmen were "I'm not badly hurt - get the bike up!"

    The bike seems only to have received a ding in the exhaust where the right foot peg bounced off it - it's been bent in slightly, and I had a loose mirror stalk (tightened at the next servo thanks to handy tools ResmeN!) Somewhat of a miracle really.

    My right knee is my only point of concern. Pivoting on that leg is out of the question. I suspect possible muscle or ligament strain/damage. I can get on the bike, but I have to pull my right leg onto the peg and it's mostly useless. A trip to the doctor is in order when I make it home I think...

    All in all, a stupid accident that I shouldn't have had, but all things considered, I could have come off MUCH worse!

    In a desire for the most uncomplicated route home, I've gone north from Laver's Hill, through Colac and am heading back to Geelong on the A1 where I'll head back towards Melbourne before I make tracks for my house in Oak Park. ETR 1745...

    Thanks to everyone who helped, especially ResmeN.
  9. Bit of bad luck there buddy.
    Get ice on the knee and keep it up as high as you can. Above the heart if possible. Lay flat and have it up on pillows. That will help keep the swelling and pain down.
    And keep it still in case there is damage. Get it Xrayed.
    All the best. Lets hope you just banged or hyper extended it and will be fine in a few days
  10. Knees that go pop are a bad thing, and the problem isn't always picked up unless it is specifically looked at with an MRI. Get it done.
  11. go to hospital now, right now, even if you think you are ok, this is important.
    you need to be checked over from head to toe. you need to get in contact with the TAC now.
  12. Hope you got home OK and the knee heals quickly.
  13. Mistakes aside Rusti, you're very hard on yourself. Ease up dude!
    And heal up quick - if you're not going to have it looked at tonight, make a point of it tomorrow.
  14. You just experienced a highside Rusty. You musta locked the rear wheel. Definitely get looked at ASAP mate.

    Glad you're mostly ok.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  15. Knee 'pop' will often indicate ligament damage, it's one of the first indicators when footballers 'do their knee'.

    Keep the ice up every 2 hrs, stay off it and get looked at as soon as you can.

    Hope it's just a bruise, all the best
  16. Sorry to hear the biggest and most dangerous SR bit you.

    Proof of just how powerful they are, and how strong their allure is , to our brain.

    Knee "pop" is likely to be bad news so TAC should be called as the other guys have said... But remember... You lost it on some lose gravel that had been strewn across the road...okaaaay! :)
    Save yourself a fine, and points....( I never said that!! ). <wink>
  17. Ouch, that's no good. I hope you heal up quickly!!
    In my little time riding, I have had a few sketchy moments. Luckily have not come off yet. Fingers crossed I don't.
  18. #18 Rusti_GotRage, Mar 7, 2011
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    I'm hard on myself in the hopes that I learn from my stupidity and avoid similar circumstances in future... And I can't help feeling like an A grade idiot!

    That said, it could have been MUCH worse.
    Bike has minimal damage and I was able to ride her home, bung knee and all. Didn't get home till 1800 due to airshow traffic, but I did make it home under my own steam.

    Got an appointment for the doctor in the morning, tried to get in last night but their radiology and ultrasound were shut. Not much point in seeing them till they can take a proper look.

    Thanks to all for their good wishes.
    Will let you know how it goes.

    - Rusti
  19. Best wishes with the knee mate, they can be a bugger to heal.
  20. #20 minglis, Mar 7, 2011
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    Sure you weren't trying to take another nap mate?

    Rest up big fella. I hope there isn't too much wrong with your knee. Glad that you came out relatively OK mate. I live quite close to you, so let me know if you need anything (Thursday onwards. Sorry, in Sydney till wednesday night.)