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My Off Revisited

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Today I used the excuse of having the Bandit serviced to revisit the scene of my RF900R crash.
    The coastal run between Inverloch and Cape Paterson.
    It's been bugging me since July and as I was down that way anyway I went back.
    In the cold light of day, it looks like I was going in to hot. Its a slower advised bend than most of the others and I must have missed the sign. You do have to pitch left as you top the rise and it would be easy to unweight the rear because the corner comes at you faster than you realise if you're carrying to much speed.
    The road today had recently been resealed in sections and there was still screenings scattered so it was a nice and gentle re-acquaintance.
    I still couldn't find the RH mirror!
    I'm glad I went back as I think I have put that demon to rest.
    I still hate down hill left handers......
    Does anyone else go back to the scene of their off?


  2. ah yup. Has to be done I reckon. FOr me, not exactly sure why. I guess partly the reason you mention, lay the demon to rest, show myself that it wasn't the road that was the problem - was the rider haha. Also there's that strange "reminiscing" feeling, riding past, going "yup, that's the bit"...
  3. Yep. Everytime I go out the front gate! :LOL:

    Visiting your crash site is good because it enables you to analyse why you F'd up so you won't do it again.
  4. A smooth bitumen surface can be the result of aggregate
    stripping, leaving the binder exposed, or result from an
    excess of bitumen and/or aggregate embedment so that the
    aggregate is totally or substantially submerged in binder.
    Flushed, bleeding and
    smooth sprayed seal surfaces can result in reduced skid

    in lay terms, too much bitumen was used to stick the rocks to the road, which is causing bleeding in the wheelpaths. this is where the bitumen rises to above the height of the stone used, which defeats the purpose of the seal.
    a good seal has bitumen half to 2/3rds of the way up the aggregate.
    my guess is, that the designer used the texture depth between the w/p's instead of the actual trafficked part of the lanes. either that, or the actual pavement is starting to sink in the wheelpaths causing the bitumen to pool. either way, it needs attention!
    number 1 shows good texture between w/p's
    number 2 shows bleeding in w/ps
  5. Beauty. Getcha now :grin:
  6. Thanks Joel :beer:
    Now I know what those strange shiny patches of road on the frankston Valley Hwy are :shock:
    I'll try to avoid em ( even though they are on a straight, not bend )
  7. Thanks Joel. I think I mentioned a shiny surface in my original off post but never thought much of it. I feel a little better now :grin:

    I have big enough goolies to say it looks like it was mostly rider error.
    I would have been rapt to find the mirror.
    Sh!t happens I guess. :oops: Live and learn. :p