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My off last Thursday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iClint, May 28, 2014.

  1. Sorry to stand you guys up on Sunday.

    Thursday I took the MT09 for a run to bald hill as I finished work early

    Only got as far as the last corner before the weir, a car coming the other way was using some of my lane too.

    Thought everything was gonna be okay until she clipped my rear, managed to get the bike clear just in time to catch my head with the front of her car. This violently flicked my body around as the bike glided to a gentle stop with very to Little to no damage.

    On the other hand I laid in a paralysed slump.

    Busted thigh
    Busted pelvis
    Busted lower back
    Busted elbow

    I'm in a dark place right now but will recover.

    I'll return to riding, it was just one of those should have left 30 seconds later/earlier type deals

    The doctors have screwed and bolted me back together better and stronger than new.

    So it's just a matter of time for the nerve and soft tissue damage. Should be about 6 weeks until I can start my rehab.

    In the mean time it's shitting my self , sponge baths and battling my mental demons.
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  2. CRAP!!!!!
    Heal well mate!!!
  3. Fcuk mate sorry to hear, all the best for a swift recovery
  4. shit mate that's not good, thinking of you heal well
  5. No fcuking good mate! Mend up well.
  6. Sorry to hear.. fcuk.. heal up quick
  7. That's a raw deal.
    Hope you heal up well.
  8. Hi, bloody 30 seconds. Heal up well and stronger.
  9. Good on ya for staying so positive!
    Heal up well.
    You should come back better than before with all the titanium reinforcements in your body.
  10. did you ride your bike home?
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  11. What hospital are you in?
  12. Bloody, bugger, bum, that's not supposed to happen matey. Get well soon, do what you're told and don't rush it. Good luck, keep us posted.
  13. Work through the things going on through your head however you need to. Talking to someone else who has been in a similar spot can help.
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  14. shit dude, that's not going to buff out :(
  15. Argh!!! so sorry to hear.
    mend well and I hope it's not too painful for you..
    cheers.. keep on truckin.

  16. Asked if they would thread my knee caps fro som replaceable sliders ;)

    St George

    Lol no but it will probably be at home waiting for me good as new in a week or 2
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  17. don't think he will be doin too much truckin for a while
  18. I hope you make a full recovery. That's quite a list of spare parts you require.

    Any word from the driver? At fault?
  19. Sending positives your way mate.....

    Keep the attitude healthy - smell the roses - see the forest for the trees.....you get the idea.....

    The body will heal - the mind will ensure it gets there in one piece.

  20. Shit hey, just seen this. Get well iClint. Don't think about the riding now, ease up, concentrate on recovering.