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My not so fun ride to Lithgow

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by AznCruiser, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. The riding bugs still has me.

    Another day and another ride along Sydney's twisty black stuff.

    Woke up very early for an early start and finish and decided to head west over the Blue Mountains. Ive always loved riding this road, always loved the views and have gone through it several times in the cruiser.

    The ride started off well and was able to nail the twisty stuff of Bells Line of Road near Kurrajong Hills.

    The problem started when the good bits of Bells Line started......from Mount Tomah onwards. Ive never been buffeted by strong winds quite like this before. Imagine a 124-129kg bike and a 65-70kg rider riding along at 80-100ish ;) km/h along the top of Blue Mountains with very strong winds. The straights werent too difficult, nowhere near as difficult as going round a corner, leaning the bike and getting hit by wind gusts on both sides....it was scary how much the bike moved around.

    My route

    Heading back home along Darling Causeway I also had a near miss with a truck. Basically there was a stick/bark on the left side of the road, no worries, not really on my line and was able to avoid it pretty easily. However a truck barreling down the other side gave me a huge scare. The idiot treated the road like his own personal race track and took close to half of my lane. This bend isnt overly tight like those on Mac Pass or Old Pac, there was no need for this truck to hog my lane. At the speed both of us were traveling, a head on would have been very messy.


    Heading back down Great Western Hwy had the usual road works, slow traffic, and idiot cagers cutting people off left right and centre. This road used to be one of my favorite routes. After today I dont think id rank it as highly anymore. I also dont think riding along mountain ridges is suitable for an overly light bike. From now on I think ill stick to Putty, Wisemans and Old Pac when riding the RS.

  2. yeah great western sux balls. went that route in the cage to bathurst last weekend and that seriously took like 1 hour and a half just to go from penrith to katoomba.

    it was quicker to go from bathurst to blacktown via bells!!!

  3. I think it is quicker too but I wasnt game enough to be buffeted by high winds.

    Did you go with Finn, didnt he go to Bathurst as well to pick up some stuff?
  4. What? Back when it was a one lane 40 km traffic jam? Roadworks included, the road is immeasurably better than it ever has been.

    Sucks you didn't fancy the ride too much, it's still a great run in a car.
    particularly with the m7, it has been for years (though I'm not sure about when done at 80). Probably faster by 15-20 min or more if there is the usual sunday afternoon accident going down the Great Western.
  5. I must have gotten lucky wehn i did Bells. No traffic, no wind, it was one of the best rides i've ever had. However my bike was about 150kg heavier.

    I like the advice about the Great Western Highway. Will try and avoid that when im down that way again soon.