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My Ninja 250 Is A Write Off..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OzzyDevil, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Just found out my Ninja 250R is a right-off the frame is bent and busted fairing and bent handle bars... It roughly came to about 5 grands worth of damage so looks like i'll be pushing shit up hill for alittle bit to i can work out what i'm going to do :(

    I am so pissed with meself about now i can't tell ya...

  2. Great excuse to upgrade!
  3. Bent frame? What happened? Parts for ninja's in Australia is bullshit.
  4. It is but i still have 7 months till i can buy the bigger bikes like the 600 or litre bikes so it's a hard call...
  5. Went on the learner snowy ride.. Around a right hander and wasn't looking were i wanted to go i just looked at the side of the mountain and that's were i went...
  6. Ah yes, I think I remember reading about. You're pretty lucky if I recall correctly.
  7. I didn't care about me it was the bike i was worried about...
  8. Sorry to hear that but the bike is replaceable, you aren't. Much better that the bike is a write-off and you are fine than vice versa.
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  9. Yeah i know :( I'm just abit heart broken she was a good little bike :)
  10. Dude, it's a bike. No point having a healthy bike if you're too fcuked up to ride it.
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  11. Hey Ozzy, really, ^^ those guys know what they talk about.

    It really sucks to be broken even when the bike is fine (first hand experience :) )

    So really don't worry about your cute Ninja you'll have another 10 bikes in your life.
    Thanks God you're fine and that's the most important thing. Everything else is replacable for better :)

    BTW, after my recent crash I've got all the parts from www.tyga-performance.com for a few hundred bucks.
    The parts would cost at least few thousands if I would buy from local dealers-shmilers.

    They get OEM parts directly from Honda and Kawasaki (not all bikes though).

    Just worth keeping them in mind even though your baby is write-off.
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  12. Thx guys i'll just wait and see what happens now :)
  13. Unlucky about the write off :( ninjas are popping up dirt cheap now so hopefully won't be a long wait till you're back on one!
  14. That's a real bummer Ozzy. You were fine though and that's more important.

    Take a step back and assess the situation when you're not so hard on yourself.
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  15. Bugger Ozzy. Go outside, kick a tree and swear a lot, then come back in and think about all the things that would be worse if YOU were hurt.

    Glad you were OK. I saw your little "I'm pissed but I'm OK" dance as I rode around the corner.
  16. if you really like the bike one choice is to buy another one cheap and use yours as a spare parts baby?
    other wise sell it for parts or to the wreckers :( engine might be worth a little

    sad to hear , but if you are okay that is ALL that matters!
    now you can laugh in the face of death
  17. Lots of wise words here, listen to them!
    As long as you're ok, it's all good.

    As you just crashed your baby ninja, I would discard the thought of getting a litre bike for now if I were you ;)
  18. I won't be getting no 600 or liter bike over the next few years so the bike I'm looking at is a ninja 300 maybe.. And yes a lot of wise words people have said already :)
  19. Sorry to hear that. My first ninja went the same way. You were insured yeah?
  20. Sorry to read this. I remember when you first bought your bike. No injuries though and that's the main thing. Maybe you can pick up a cheap Ninja thru Bike Sales?