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My Night

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ksystemz, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Went to action MC at parramatta , i emailed them easrlyier today asking for a bike blah blah . After walking around for a few mins , someone decided to come help me , this guy was rude ! When they rang me back today , they said they would help me a lil on L's ( course ) he said he was too busy but there was like no one there!! then i told him i have my test this w/e , he told me i should have got lessons ( i didnt know there were any )

    now he scared the crapper outta me

  2. Relax ksystemz.
    Listen to what the instructor tells you in the learners course. They are usually very helpful and friendly. It is normal to have nerves going into the course. They take you through what they will test you on many times before they actually test you, that way, they can give you tips on how to get it right. :)
  3. Well i got one handy facted out of tonight , i went to acccisories place and they were the most nicest people ever! anyone who is going to buy gear go there , i got taught how to put on a helmet without ripping my ears off hehe thanks pink
  4. How??
  5. hard to say on this , be easyier showing , but where the strapes are for ur chin on 1 side there is a lil metal thing , put your finger in there pull 1 way , and with the other put it the other way , if u get me .. relli hard to tell
  6. if someone can come teach me by tormrmoz be great hehe
  7. don't be fussed mate. did my L's about 4 weeks ago and they give you heaps of time to practice and the instructor hepls you out with tips during this time. They are really patient and will answer any questions no matter how simple or silly it may sound. The instructor explained it to me by saying that they would rather be asked the questions so that people learn how to do things best (safely) tha not be asked at all.

    You'll be fine.

  8. sorry forgot to mention, i did my test at granville so you may even get the same instructor!
  9. I did my learners course at Clyde (Granville) in November and I was pretty nervous heading into day one. After the first night I was pretty happy and much more relaxed for day 2. I had a great instructor who seemed a bit grumpy at first but they are all really there to help you and teach you, not to pass the test, but to be comfortable riding a bike (basics of course!).

    Relax and listen to their experience and you will be fine.

  10. I bought my bike through Action at Parramatta and left very unhappy with them. I would never buy another bike through them. Long story already posted on netrider so do a search if you are real interested in what the multitude of problems I had were.
  11. Action MC are a bunch of idiots, when I went there a few months back looking for a bike, they tried to sell me one that I said point blank that I were not interested in.

    When I told them what I were interested in (Hoysung GT650), they turned up there nose and walked away, didn't even want to get the keys so I could test ride it.

    Try BikeBiz real friendly and helpful staff there
  12. i think one them , relli ugly one, tried chatting up my missus when i was down near the back lol and also was more excited to talk about my tattoos then anything
  13. Problem with Action, I found was that most of the staff were very very young. How much experience can someone that is 18 have with regards to riding a bike. They are there to sell sell sell. Bikebiz, on the other hand, were very helpful. Encouraged me to sit on many bikes, showed a large variety of styles etc. Very patient, and even though there was others there, he didn't just up and leave me there. He took care of everyone within reason. A wealth of information with regards to riding etc so it was educational and filled me with confidence. Although I didn't end up getting my bike from there (bought it privately) nor did I get my gear from there (MCAS are also given two thumbs up) I recommend people stay away from Action and go 'round the corner to Bikebiz and MCAS.

    Good luck with the course this weekend. Don't worry about it, everything will be fine. I did my course out at Rouse Hill about 3 weeks ago and hadn't ridden a bike prior. Nerves are good, brings a heightened sense of awareness. You will enjoy it, I'm confident of that. Have fun and take it easy. See you on the roads some time....

  14. Dude, yeah stay away from Action in Parra. Not very nice people, not too smart either.

    I've listed some websites of some of the dealers in Sydney for you. If you don't want to waste days trawling through shops looking for a bike you like, take a look through their websites. Most of them have a current list with photos of the 2nd hand bikes they're selling... It will also give you an idea what what you can expect to get for your $3500-4000 budget...


    Oh, and good luck with your test this weekend. Just remember to relax. The instructors are usually pretty nice, and they all understand that they're dealing with noobs who ask lot's of silly questions. Don't feel stupid, just have some fun, enjoy sitting on a bike and feeling the wind in your face at 10kph...
  15. yay i can go looking for my bike got approived today!
  16. Matti [the fake one] well done mate, now the fun begins

    cheers from Matti [the REAL one]
  17. i am real! copy cat , we need matching number plates or we can make us some stickers hehe , found my helmet too!! army kind , then have to buy a diff visor
  18. so are you one of the few actually christianed Matti? and are you Finnish like me??
  19. im from poland actually born with this lame name and last name
  20. Mum Finnish [first name] Dad 6 th generation Aussie so normal last name.