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my next helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dan, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. if i found $1200 bucks under the couch, this helmet looks sweet


    Carbon Para Tu Cabeza
    There are helmets, and then there’s the Vemar VSR Carbon. Crafted in Italy from fine carbon fiber too pretty to hide under a coat of paint, it’s amazingly light. The slick AeroWedge shape is designed to stay neutral at speed, with no nasty lift or drift. A total of 11 different vents usher fresh air through the interior when it’s hot, or you can close them and stay warm when it’s not. Vemar’s finest passes the ultra-tough Economic Commission of Europe standard ECE 22.05 used by the FIM for MotoGP, as well as domestic DOT rules. Every major sanctioning body in roadracing from the AMA to WERA accepts it as well. Sizing runs S–XL. There’s just one catch: If your head’s not worth $899.95, do not, under any circumstances, try one on. Those who do have been known to sell family heirlooms or household pets to come up with the cash. (888) 313-2510, www.vemar-usa.com

    original article at http://motorcyclistonline.com/gearbox/122_0412_gear/
  2. Be still my throbbing member!

    That thing is Beautiful.... :D
  3. slick.

    I would totally wear it. Would accessorise nicely with my leathers, too. :D
  4. I just love the look of naked carbon fibre. But then again I ride a Ducati so anything carbon fibre or titanium gets my attention.

  5. Nice...now we just need to get one of those Australian Standards stickers on there.
  6. I'd much rather pay big bucks for something like that than a racer-rep paintjob. Verrrrry nice.

    The other day I caught myself admiring a ballpoint pen someone was using. It had a carbon-fibre (or good imitation) body with discreet silver trim. Maybe if I'm extra-good for the rest of the year I'll find one under the Xmas tree...

    (It looked WAY too expensive but I can dream, can't I?)