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my next bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fitryder, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. So since my crash last Sat its kinda jumped the issue of me getting a new bike forward a few months.

    So the story is the 250rr is pretty rooted looks wise, she would need new fairings (both front sides and a nose) but apart from that she is in good working order.

    My mech is an awesome bloke, he has a 2006 R6 with about 3000km on it, going for $12999, got the back end done, power commander, oggie knobs and a few other bits done.

    Not a bad price, esp from a 'dealer' and he is good with service and everything, he will look after it just like he has with my current bike.

    He is happy to trade in the CBR and knock some coin of the R6, what do you guys think?

    Also the other thing thats killing me is fkn insurance!!!! im 20 and dam!!! NRMA has given me a quote for just under 7 grand!

    Any tips there peeps?

  2. Don't know much about the deal your getting, but my advice would be see a dedicated Motorcycle Insurance company, they will generally give you a better deal.
  3. At your age mate, I wouldnt expect anything cheaper then 3 grand for full comp, and even then you may pay more depending on your rideing/driving history.

    As for the deal on the 06 R6, thats the going rate for them year model R6's these days, even with all them extra goodies. What makes it more attractive is that the dealer knows the history, service and km's on the machine.

    Its all up to you really mate, I myself would consider the R6 seeing as I love the things :LOL:
  4. Yes NRMA is terrible if you're young, unless you're not the primary rider..

    FYI, trading your cibby in if its damaged.. yes they will knock coins off the new bike.. but just coins. Trade in is bad enough, but damaged?! Ouch mate, did they say how much they'd knock off for trade in?

    If I were you I would either fix it up to looking good again (ie new fairings/fix fairings and repaint) then sell it privately. If thats too much effort then at least sell it privately. I'm looking for a butt ugly 250 for commuting (ie cheap) so if you're selling a cbr with damaged/no fairings we should talk.
  5. the r6 sounds ok, but i wouldn't think you'd get a cent over 2k for the trade in. Try western qbe. My firestorm has full comp for me 21 yo for a premium of 1300 bucks. But the firestorm is an oldmans bike! :LOL:
    There are alot of binned supersports out there. You couldn't be in a higher risk catergory.
  6. LMAO, trust me, you don't wanna know what the NRMA wanted to charge for full insurance on an r1, lmao
  7. Im with nrma, i got comp insurance for just under $1k, $10000 agreed value only though. But i thought it was pretty good.
  8. I got a quote from NRMA the other day for my 600 ninja, and for full comp I would be paying about $800 a year and have an excess of $400/$500 when I cause an accident.

    I am 25 though and settled on an agreed value of $11,000, and I was stoked as all the other places I rang - QBE, Shannons, Insure-My-Ride, Suncorp-Metway - were all over $1600 a year, but QBE and Insure-My-Ride were over $2000 year.
  9. its amazing how much it changes!!!

    clearly im still stuffed when it comes to age so im still looking for a good deal..

    thanks all for your help, ill have to check out some of those companies
  10. LARF @ insurance quote.

    My 955 is $1300 full comp from AAMI. I would do some shopping around... QBE and Insuremyride tend to be cheapest, but I've got a good rating with AAMI. Using the same insurance company as ur folks may get you a better deal.

    Be smart about it though: For $7k a year or even $3k you're better off just just getting third party (~$100) + investing the rest for a rainy day.