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My new ZX7R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. knew my hands were good for something.

    However, my bike also came during my lunchbreak. I briefly mentioned it in one of blue14s threads, but here it is:

    96 ZX7R, 76,000kms, receipts for a full motor rebuild at 71,000kms, part receipts for new front brakes and tyres. aftermarket pipes, new front tyre.
    I paid $4600 on road for it. Then with my $5k loan change I got a shark titan helmet (fit me better than the KBC i had my eye on), and some dainese hell racer gloves... the fit on them for me is like a cotton glove they feel fantastic.

    if you think i paid too much, shoulda bought a honda, shoulda done anything else... keep your mouth shut and your hands off the keyboard coz i'm f'n happy. i'd have better pics but i think my sister is half retarded and i lost the usb thing for my phone which takes awesome pics.

    catch up with you guys real soon.... (p.s. danny and all the boys at evolution yamaha in epping were fantastic, yes it took me a while from cash-to-delivey but i didn't pressure them and they did the right thing by me aswell. they gave it a clean up afte i bought it when it was smick as. i'll prob repaint the wheels but aside from that i love this thing!!!!!)

  2. pull ya f*cken pants up ya turd! :LOL:
  3. Congrats mate, enjoy :D
  4. that belt has holes punched 6 inches in from the smallest
    read my f'n i lost weight thread
    not my fault.
  5. Onya, top post :p

    Enjoy, may you have many happy rides together :cool:
  6. i have ;)
    i'll get you some braces to hold them up!

    nice bike BTW
  7. Congratulations on a fine 'new bike post' with pictures, Flexo!

    Many happy adventures on your motorcycle. It looks nice and clean - how does the pipe sound?
    My 636 still has the factory pipe and it's bloody quiet :eek:
  8. Nice bike dude and thats a good price.

    I always wanted the same model but in red.

    Always good to have another Kwaka rider on the road.
  9. Why the HELL didn't you just buy a .... :p :p :p

    Great New Bike Post !!! HOT lookin Bike flexorcist !!!
    I actually lik ethe green/purple effect

    +1 Joel ... :rofl: :rofl:
  10. Have fun on that back-breaking torture rack! :p
  11. It finally arrived hey.. Great stuff Ben .. :grin:

    And you have fine taste in helmets.. Just recently purchased exact helmet.. :LOL:
  12. congrats on the bike .................enjoy :)
    and buy a belt , you look like a wannabe homeboy :p
  13. Yep good work there Flex!

    Ktulu; Do you know what aftermarket cans will go on the 636? I need to findout myself but if you've done the work for me...........

    Failing that, just sit above 10K, they've got a nice sound there even on the stock can :D
  14. All Kawasaki sports bikes should be green. Not green and purple (is that stock, strange combination??) just green.

    Nice machine, matey :wink:.
  15. Welcome to the dark side :grin:
  16. actually come to think of it i don't have an exhaust receipt, and i'm not 100% sure if it's aftermarket (someone will tell me eventually)....

    whatever it is, it sounds good to me lol.
    it's loud from about 3.5k. can't see anything written on the exhaust so when i go for a blat with some of these boys, or see a zx7 with a stock can, (hard ask with a 10yo bike), i'll find out.
  17. i have those gloves!
    they ARE awesome
  18. nice bike....what's the riding position like on it? personally i think ZX7R's would look alot better if it didn't have the white section on the front of the bike near the lights which makes it look like it has bug eyes! :LOL:
  19. :WStupid:
  20. Onya Flexo.

    The ZX7's are a good solid dependable bike, and that one looks like a nice example.

    Welcome to the Green side of the force. :twisted: