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My New ZX14

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Data Queue, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Hi all.

    I love my VFR800. Afterall it took me to tassie and back.

    Today I fell in love with another and later this week I take delivery of this beautiful machine:
    2007 ZX-14
    17,000 and a bit K's

    I also rode a 1400GTR, however it didn't stick it's hands down my pants and rummage like the ZX did. I'll be ordering 3/4 inch risers and rearsets. The bike was comfortable but could use a wee bit more adjustment as I am 6'4".


  2. Nice Kwaka, don't forget to feed it, they like a Hayabusa for breakfast occasionally.
  3. Yeah Kawa's fav food.
  4. Very nice bike. I quite like the colour. You are going to have a heap of fun on it I"m sure.
  5. I know what you mean about rummaging around in the trousers.

    The seats do tend to get a bit sticky on those things:-s
  6. Indeed Frank (nice avatar BTW).. I like that movie.

    Dangerous territory, the list of things I want to order is growing:

    • Rearset
    • 3/4 risers for the handle bars
    • SW Motech removable luggage racks (similar to the ones on my old VFR)
    • Seat Cowl
    • Exhaust
    • Personalised Plates
    • ... I'm sure there will be more.
  7. If it doesn't already have one , put a rad-guard at the top of the list.

    Looks real purdy btw (y)
  8. looks pretty cool, nice shade of blue!!
  9. looks like teammoto on pickering street? nice bike!
  10. nice, kinda reminds me of a great white ready to eat anything in it's path :) goes without saying, enjoy :)
  11. That looks gorgeous
    Love the colour
  12. dont forget to change your avatar,... and learn the words to..........Rocketmannnnn!!
    :) w00t!!
  13. Interested to hear how you go with the luggage. Can't find any that are designed to fit mine. There are plenty of choices for 2005 - 2011 though.
  14. What's with all the ZX14 > Hayabusa jabs? They seemed to come out almost even in the tests I'd seen, with the 'busa taking top speed and the ZX taking acceleration.

    My lust for 'Busa's aside, that is one gorgeous bike, love that blue. My unrestricted bike choice is between two sets of bikes, Daytona/Street Triple, ZX14(R)/Hayabusa
  15. Nice bike. I'm sorry to say I just smashed mine up, early June. It is insured, but whether they'll fix or replace, I don't know.

    You'll find it sensitive to tyre choice. I've not been a huge fan of Metzler tyres over the years, but they do make tyres that suite the ZX14. Bridgestone don't.

    ... The public information is that they're limited to 299, and they'll bounce off that limiter quite easily. I can confirm that.

    They're very long and low. They do run wide in corners, especially slow corners. Be very careful until you'e used to her. She does handle very well, but not always like other bikes. You need to get used to her.

    Don't try and brake or change direction sharply on corrugated gravel. You may end up hitting the earth / rock wall and then cushioning the bike from a similar impact. That may result in a pelvis smashed in many places (and many plates and nuts and bolts to put it back together) and minor brain damage. If I could actually remember the incident, I'd be more help.
  16. Have you tried Twisted Throttle. I get most of my gear off them. If they don't have it listed for the 2012 model, email them as they are very helpful and found unlisted gear for my VFR.


    You can search by bike type and year.

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  17. Ouch dude. Coming from the VFR, I have a very healthy respect for the ZX-14. I was planning on taking it very easy.

    If you're still mending, hope it's swift.
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  18. Congrats. (y)

    I've seen them in the flesh and they're good looking bikes (and massive as well)!

    Enjoy the ride.
  19. Impressive, great colour!