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My "new" Z750

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by NOT4US, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Not really new (mods, feel free to move) as I already posted about it early July but since the Zed was damaged thanks to a taxi driver and it's been at the shop for over a month it's like getting a new bike once again, except this time I added a few bits and pieces like an Ixil exhaust, Pazzo levers, FEnder Eliminator and white rim stripes.

    A few pics here taken today (will wait for more sunny days to take some good ones):




  2. nice - i likes it a lot ;)
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  3. How do you find the pazzos? Been thinking about it
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  4. I had the Chinese "eBay" ones before the accident (shorties, I always ride with two fingers on the brake/clutch levers) and they got replaced by "real" Pazzo's.
    No difference between them and the "eBay" ones ($45 for the pair vs $230).

    Compared to stock levers? Much, much better.
    As I said, I always ride with two finders on the levers and find the step-adjustment on the Pazzo's great to have them at the right distance.
    Never had them before but now I couldn't do without them.
    I'd put it up there as probably the first thing to buy on a new bike, for less than $50 you get fully adjustable levers, can't beat that.
  5. Very nice bike I could be a convert with my next bike purchase to either the Z750 or a N1000.
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  6. Bloke down the road where I work has a new Z750, doesn't have the white rim tape though, bike looks so awesome.
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  7. Mate! Your bike and my bike are twins! LOL glad you're enjoying it

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  8. I know mate!
    Even got the same exhaust!!! (wasn't trying to copy you, it was just the right pipe for the right price).

    Now we need to get them together for some action...
  9. Good to see it back on the road. Love the new exhaust and fender eliminator, damn! need to get funds to update mine `