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my new z750

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by sthentic, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. finally after getting through restrictions I have now upgraded :D
    after much internal debate I recently bought the z750. Found this sweet 2009 model with 14,000KM



    Now I just need to make a few minor changes (i.e. switch over the stock exhaust pipe and maybe put on some low rise bars) and it'll be just perfect.

    Hopefully there is a few more nice weekends to go on some longer rides \\:D/
  2. Sweet dude, they're nice bikes, how much you get it for?
  3. Picked it up for a bit under $9K from Evolution Motorcycles in Epping (including on road cost).. and man is it a good upgrade from the 250 :D
  4. A gorgeous thing it is. I'm sure you'll have many happy kilometres on it (as I have mine).

    Love that close-up shot, by the way.
  5. Welcome!!

    But MANNNN!!! I was going to ask how much you paid also. Not saying you got ripped as that is about bang on for these bikes. For a weeeee bit more you could have bought my mates that he is flogging on here (snookerd) and that has exhaust, bars, upgraded rear shock already done and half the K's! Ahhh well!

    Maybe even shoot him a PM as I know that HE KNOWS of a few kawa specific forums he get's his more technical info from! ;)

    Safe riding.

  6. Yeah. Saw that. Unfortunately I had already made the deposit and started organizing payment when that one was posted. And as I don't really have space for surplus motorbikes I was looking to just trade in the smaller bike.
  7. Ahh ok. Oh well! did you get a decent trade in value at least? Maybe I can start riding with you seeing as snookered as decided to bail on me. Then I can just imagine it's him! Less of a withdrawal! :p

    Happy modding! Once you start, you won't stop!

  8. That's a very nice ride! Love the green kwaka color on it, sadly gone on the new 2011 models.
    I'm waiting for my very own black Z750 '10 (hopefully will get my hands on it tomorrow).
    I went to the dealer on Tuesday with my wife to sign the papers and choose helmets and gloves and there she was, being given a wash just for me.
    Man, this waiting is killing me!
    Looking at how much you paid for yours, I think mine at $10,500 brand new is not a bad price... make it $11K with 2 helmets and 2 pairs of gloves.