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My new work tool

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by bretto61, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Yep as the title suggests I have had to buy my own bike for training.
    I tried to give it up, I really did. Even to the point I sold my road bikes and just kept the 998 trackie and my 525. The bike shops supply me with bikes so what's the point of owning one. Well they did. But like every other buisness I guess they are all tightening the purse strings.
    But as fete would have it I just cant seem to get out of it. Anywho at least I can pick and choose when I want to work. I also have posite contracts. And that's my bread and butter now.
    I guess I train people for the love of it (and money) Been doing it for a dozen years and a bit over it full time. Like I have not been on a social ride with my mates since 07. true story. I have ridden 6 days a week for work, for yes a long time.(yes I am a fossil) So day off is a day out of the saddle. Anyway as I am only doing it now when I want to. I just might have to try and ride for fun again. Might even have to come play with some of you guys if you will let me.
    So my new chisel. Can't believe none of you guys picked this one up. It was on just bikes and ebay I think. Yup he took a lot less than what he wanted. Trade in price. Too good. I feel sorry for him but he is glad it has found a loving home.
    Anyway An 06 VFR with 4,000 k's yep you read that right. It's just immaculate. Seriously I cannot find a chip or scratch on it. Only bad thing about it is the original dunlops. Not a dunlop fan.
    I have never had a sensible bike in my life. I have been riding since I was 6. I am 49 now and roll over at least every two years. A lot of bikes yes.
    Must say I feel a little gay (no offence rat) But this thing is really growing on me. Normally VFR ha ha poofta's bike. Wheres my Duc or R1 ha ha God arrogant ignorant f*ck I am. lol. I Still couldn't own a cruiser ha ha not that there is anything wrong with that. As I have stated I have to sit on the greepers lap to feel alive. Anyway without further adu I bring you "Nick" lol That's what I have called him.

  2. Nice bike mate, with the ages of the tyres I would be chaning those pretty quick
  3. Thank mate.
    Yes too true. They are as hard as rocks. I have a set of corsa's in the shed. Didn't really like them but they will be better than the OEM's. Prob not suited to this bike, but the finance minister has closed the vault now.
    I have a class Thurs, and Sunday I am having my first social ride with mates in three years.
    So I am hoping to pull the whole bike pretty much down and do a full service on it Friday night, draining everything and replacing it. A good way to get to know "Nick" lol
    It's had the 1,000k service and thats it.
  4. nice find indeed, love the classic colour scheme
  5. I love the look of the aniversary editions! Something about that tri-colour. Can't really justify a second VFR (especially from the same generation!) so I'll just have to put up with my red and imagine it being red-white-blue.

    Yeah, as suggested, ditch tho dunlops. They are crap (and not just because all dunlops are crap, these are from the even crappier end of their range!). I currently run a pair of Metzeler M5s, and they are absolutely amazing - I am concerned they are a little soft for the heavy sports-tourer (and the sort of riding it do, which combines commuting, touring and sporting), so depending on what I get out of them, I may look at the Z8s next time. Before the M5s, I had a pair of Pilot Road 2s - lasted 20,000km before a screw mated with the rear. Probably had 2000-3000km left too (though I was already thinking about getting some new rubber). I was very happy with them, but not as much as I am with the M5s.

    For fluids, just be careful with the brake. The DCBS has a 'correct' way of bleeding, and doing it the correct way saves considerable time! (I found that out the hard way). Follow http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/53-brake-bleeding-vtec-and-5th-generation/ and you will be fine, though he has a vacuum bleeder which makes it easier. And never bleed the system dry, always do the top up method. Getting all the air out, particularly out of the rear, takes a lot of effort (and causes a dramatic rise in the beer budget). If you plan on installing braided lines in the future, I suggest you don't try to do it shortly before you plan on going for a ride or running a lesson ;)