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My new wifey!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by something_wild, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. So while i was HANGING for restrictions to end and tossing up and comparing bike after bike on all the bike sale sites and the forums almost daily for the last 6 months of my restrictions, FINALLY the restrictions are coming closer to their painfully long existence and I purchased one of my favorite bikes.

    2007 Yamaha R1....in the sexiest scheme of them all imo!

    It always sat near the top of the list along side K7/8 GSX-R 1000, 08 1K Blade, and a little left of center, the Aprillia RSV1000R.

    But as an all round package, and my favorite looking of all, the R1 won ;)
    It helped that it was priced VERY well with good KM's too!

    As you can see in the pics, It's in IMMACULATE condition, as close to factory as you'd find 4.5 years on, as it's never been layed down even stationary, and is totally stock...just the way i like to buy bikes!

    List of mods to come include: (some i already have but still to fit)

    Fender elim, factory cowl, Yoshi carbon 3/4 system + PC V and tune, BMC, DB tinted screen, flushmount front indicators, black shortie levers, and possibly black rearsets down the line.

    Look forward to getting out on some NR rides!

    Cheers, sw.

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  2. (y) congrats.

    It does look awesome.
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  3. Well done.

    I have a soft spot for R1s, and I think the last side pipe R1 was one of the best looking motorcycles ever made. Right up there with the '03 ~ '04 CBR600 and the 916 and all its children.
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  4. Ride her hard ;)
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  5. Congrats !!!!! She's gorgeous
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  6. Thanks guys, mod list is on It's way from the states.
    Will put more pics up once everything is installed :D
  7. Haha i hear you on the mods mate.
    Bought my strumpet in october last year and promised myself id wait to this year to get modifying. Bought most of the stuff, but still managed to spend a further 6k on 1st Jan hahaha.
    So far ive only stuck a few basics on, as a few bigger things i want a qualified mech to do for me, and i might as well wait until ive got it all in a big pile and do it all at once ;).

    Need to get me a PCV and a tune too, exhaust is sitting in a box all shiny waiting - just need to ride 1200km over two days to have it installed and pcv'ed up!

    Enjoy mate, im really enjoying fussing about with my bike and cleaning it, especially with the Mrs away for 6 more weeks :angel:.
  8. yep nice color scheme alright, nice bike!!
  9. Hell yeah bud, I tried telling myself to just enjoy it standard for a while too but I just couldn't resist the mods. Just fitted the fender eliminator today, as well as removing the rear pegs and put the rear cowl on that I got mid week from the UK. Already looks SOOOO much cleaner at the rear....hanging to receive the other parts now!!

    More pics to come :D
  10. Bewdiful! Congrats on the new ride. Never really been into Yam's, but even I'll admit that they did a great job with that colour scheme. Always turns my head when I see one on the tarmac!
  11. Niice!! I had exactly the same bike. easy to ride but my god they get wild when you let them. Careful of that top end, you'll be going so fast by the time you look down you might as well set your license on fire and put it our with your own piss.

    Have fun!!
  12. Indeed, that top end has barely been explored yet....and I have to be honest, I think it'll be a while until I do dig in and get that needle into the red! Crazy power everywhere in the rev zone, and what a sound it makes....even with the stock cans :)
    Set the shift light to 9k, and that's plenty for the road lol.

    Keen to get out and do some advanced riding courses, because even though you're completely right in saying It's easy to ride, your second point is much more valid, things do get wild once you're up the top, and that's when it can bite ;)
  13. Very nice ride (y)

    Enjoy and stay safe!
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  14. WICKED mate. Thats all i can say :)
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  15. Looks great - enjoy it!
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  16. Nice looking ride. Congrats, make sure you treat her well
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  17. Cheers guys, loving her!
    A few mods are done and I'm hanging to put up some progress pics....but not sure weather to hold off until everything us done. Hrmmm, prob snap a few tonight and throw a pic or two up ;)
  18. Nice bike man - even if I am a little biased. :)
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  19. Lovely scheme and nice work on the mods in progress.

    We still haven't caught up for a ride so hit me up when you are ready.

    Ride safe buddy.

  20. I know Damian, I meant so many times to pm you for a meet/ride when I had the rvf but ended up turning it around quite quickly.... Good that It's still in Melb though.
    I missed seeing your 848 too :(
    But read your comparo write up with your new 675 and must admit, I love the look/sound/style of them and it sounds like a better suited bike to your riding style. I like them A LOT too!
    So yes, provided the r1 isn't in the shop we should hit up a ride in the next few weeks while the weather is good. I need someone with a bit of skill who's line a can follow ;)