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my new White K9 GSXR 750

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by kiet88, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    I started riding last year and i always liked the look of the Gsx-r's.I;ve been searching for a white gsx-r 750 since the start of the year when i finished got off my restrictions. After found a few I liked, the purchases never went through for a number of reasons -
    • bike got sold before i got there (i was on the way to the dealer when it got sold)
    • seller decided to keep keep the bike
    • i put a deposit down with PS, and when i went to pick up the bike they said that the full length akra pipe that the bike was advertised had gone missing and they were only willing to drop the price by 300. I may have accepted this but they was giving me the ring around so out of principle i said give my deposit back. And also, as the mid pipe was welded on, it would have cause more hassle if i got a different pipe.

    Finally, I found one I liked, haD a looked at it on Tuesday, and finally I picked it up yeterday.


    The bike had 10,060 km on the clock. The previous owner used the bike mainly as a weekender but hasn't ridden the bike much lately due to the cold weather. As a result, the bike was a bit dirty and the chain was quiet dirty.

    The bike needed new tyres to pass road worthy, so I had them install a pair of Michelin Road 3's. As the roads were a bit wet, I took it easy taking the bike home. First thing, I did when i took it home as have it an oil change, cleaned and lubed the chain, and gave it a good wash.

    I have just ordered the following items from motomummy:
    • Shogun not-cut crash kit
    • Spreigler braided line - smoke/carbon with red connectors
    • 06/07 m4 cf shorty
    • PCV
    Can't want for my goodies to arrive. Also, I have order a fender elimnator from fleebay. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350413852226&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_1326wt_905

    I will look to enjoy the bike as it is for a while first, and get use to the handling and power of the bike power i do any further upgrade. But will most likely complete the following in the future:
    • BMC Air fitler
    • 520 conversion
    • FP racing levers
    • LED tail lights


  2. Congrats mate. She's a beaut.
  3. wow...thats hot congrats
  4. I can see why you wanted it in white, it looks great
  5. wow... sexy as...

    for a girl's bike :D
  6. Very nice.

    Glad to see the pipe's en route. There must be a blind amputee somewhere that designs all the OEM pipes for the Japanese manufacturers.
  7. Congrats on the new bike but why the 520 conversion?....Unless your racing seams like a waste of money that you won't even feel the benefit off on the street IMO....Just curious
  8. I see what your saying, but I wont doing the 520 conversion until i need to changed my chain and sprocket... as I know the 520 and stock 525 will be pretty much the same
  9. damn... i must have missed that some where along the line.. why didnt anyone tell me this earlier
  10. Nice ride.
    I put Spieglers and M4 shorty on my old k9 750 and also wakced on some Vortex rearsets which looked and performed great.
    The bike doesn't need a power commander unless your doing a cat hack.

    Enjoy the new ride and it looks great in white :)

  11. Looks rad in white!
  12. Shoulda done your research now, shouldn't ya :D
  13. Congrats man, about time too you picky prick ahah jk.
    Can't wait to come home and ride with your new toy.
  14. Beautiful looking bike, congrats :D
  15. Very nice! Looks great in white.
  16. Great bike the GSX-R 750 ! And yours in white looks magnificent (y)
    I once owned a K7 in factory blue/white scheme - one of the best rides I've owned to date.
    Congratulations mate and happy, ballistic adventures to you !
  17. Looks sexy as, white is eye catching and very under-represented imo.
  18. What did you upgrade from Kiet88? Would love to hear how you find the power difference (if you have come off LAMS that is).
  19. I upgraded from a Suzuki GSX 250 F Across.

    I've found the power difference to be awesome... Just a twist of the throttle and immediately i would jump easily 20km/hr... but in saying that you still have to respect the bike.

    Being my first non lams bikes, I am still getting use to the power and will not master the bikes full potential... If you are afraid that the bike is too much to handle for you , you could ride it in "C" code which i found the throttle response just slightly above the across.

    Can't wait to take her out to the wide open roads.