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My new wheels

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tfive, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. #1 Tfive, Apr 14, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2016
    So I moved over to NSW a couple of years ago and hadnt bought a new bike since 2011.
    With other hobbies, I told myself that I no longer need a motorbike, after having ridden them since I was 18, 25 years ago.
    I got the itch back last year, you know how it go's, every bike that go's past you stare at and dream of days gone by,anyway I bought a 95 GSXR1100 for a good price.
    Putty Rd less than an hour away, and the Bylong Valley way just around the corner, I had big plans.
    It went well, but I think it was a bit tired (or maybe it was just me), I live 10k's up a very bumpy bitchumen road, which made riding much less enjoyable, plus the semi boy racer feeling of head down, bum up, and weight on the rists. I didnt enjoy riding it so I sold it after a few months.
    Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, went into the local servo and thought Id grab a copy of the latest AMCN.
    Bad idea.

    I came across the KTM 690 Duke review.
    I liked what I read, a lot.
    I flashed up good ol' google, and youtube, and watched and read and watched some more.
    The common theme mentioned was engine vibrations.
    Did some searching on bikesales, sent some emails off, thinking "I'll only make an enquiry"
    A few emails and phonecalls later, and my brand new (2015) KTM 690 Duke R was ready for me to pick up from
    Newcastle KTM (for a great price too I might add).

    Does anyone remember as a kid on xmas eve when you couldnt sleep? Yeah well that was me the night before.

    So far, everything has impressed me about this bike.
    The bumpy road I mentioned I live on, is now a thing of the past, great suspension.
    The numbers say 70hp and 149kgs dry, it goes like a scalded cat (no cats were harmed in this story), anything about 130
    starts to feel like I might be blown off the bike but hey, thats a product of the type of bike it is.
    Lots of power throughout the rev range too, I love the engine.
    It probably has the lightest clutch Ive ever felt, and very smooth gear changes too.
    While only a single disc up front, the brakes remind me of my dearly beloved 95 750ss, just the lightest touch and
    theyre doing their bit.
    And lastly, not something that many people consider or care too much about, fuel consumption.
    234k's and a 11 litres to top it back up, very happy with that.
    So anyway, thats my story, time to visit Rhystone I think.
    Still trying to sort out a photo, keeps coming up with an error.
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  2. good job and welcome back to riding! might see you on the Putty this Sunday.
  3. The 690 Dukes get some glorious reviews, you wont be upset with your purchase, well done mate :cool:

    And as chilliman64chilliman64 said, we may see you on the Putty on Sunday... check out the Netrider flag raising thread :)
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  4. Would like to see you there, but I think I'll spend the weekend at work :mad:
  5. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! :wtf:

    there'll be other rides I'm sure.
  6. :woot: Congrats on the new wheels
  7. Duke R.

    Finally worked it out, not enough posts.
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  8. Welcome to the forum and addition to anything with two wheels!

    I had a Duke 390 for my LAMS sentence so love the similiar Duke 690 styling and look. Hope you have lots of fun on it!
  9. GeorgeOGeorgeO you just love your loud rims don't you?! ;)
  10. I'm in my "orange' phase.......
  11. polished is nice too :cool:
  12. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. The numbers add up to it being alot of fun.