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My new wheels

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Megabite, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    After a 20 year break, I decided it was time to get back on 2 wheels, so went and got my learners permit again, and bought my new toy. The XVS 650 Classic is fantastic to ride - really comfortable. Have put about 1000km on it since I got it in Nov.


    Now I just need to get out there and get some more km's under my belt, so will come along to some rides after the silly season ends.

  2. Very nice bike you have there, great to see you back on two wheels after such a long lay off.
  3. Welcome Gerry, nice bike. Lot's of people on netrider ride xvs650s. See you on a ride.
  4. seems like a pretty popular bike. enjoy it!
  5. Thanks guys.

    First service on Tuesday.

    Lets hope the weather is a bit better after xmas - seems like it's always fine during the week, and then crap all weekends!!

    I'll start getting to some rides in the new year, so catch you out there.

  6. THE LAMS cruiser of choice, if the number I see on the roads, and the number here on Netrider, is any indication (y)

    congrats on getting back on two wheels, Gerry.